The Picture is Emerging

Don’t ever give up asking questions! This post piggybacks onto my last post from July 2020. LOTS more puzzle pieces have emerged since that time….

Now the conspirators are actually TELLING us what they are up to. I guess they think no one will notice. First, regarding the stolen election of November 2020…TIME magazine actually printed a piece describing how they stole it and why. The article was written by Molly Ball and posted on February 4, 2021. I’m not going to post the link because I don’t want them coming here. They actually said they were GUARDING the election by releasing all the safety standards on elections in the contested states. They were actually GUARDING democracy by filling out fake ballots filled out ahead of time for Joe Biden. They were ensuring democracy.

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Questions, questions, and More Questions

I have questions. I actually think everyone should have questions. Questions about all of the opposing information we have been given about this pandemic. But I work for the news media. We’ are supposed to ask questions. All truly thinking people should not be satisfied with just being told things willy-nilly. Especially when the information has been and continues to be so conflicting. After all these months now, our government wants to mandate masking….that’s just one of the weird things, especially when in the beginning, we were told, “it’s just for two weeks so we can flatten the curve.” And now we have flattened the economy and people’s lives…but heh… Continue reading