The Darkness We Face

Americans are a lot like the little Hobbits in the story of The Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tokien’s smallish people lived simple lives in their beautiful countryside communities, free and untainted by any evil, it appeared. Yes, they had their personal squabbles, but they were still a community. They raised animals and gardens and their children in the same simple lifestyle. They had community parties and fellowship and simple entertainment. They were much like children in stature and mind. They seemed unaware of much outside of their immediate community.

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How to Be a Muckraker

After exposing corruption in local elected officials, I was told by someone in the community not to be a muckraker. The person who said this to me made it sound like a bad thing. So surely I had to find out exactly what a muckraker was. Definitions change in our society today with a rapidity that is breathtaking. I’ll go with the original definition of the term rather than the one from our “no absolutes, everything-is-relative,” revisionist society of today. This is from Britannica.

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Say What? Getting Vaccinated Can Get You a Free Drink Under New Law Signed by Gov. Pritzker

Say what? –

Getting Vaccinated Can Get You a Free Drink Under New Law Signed by Gov. Pritzker

SB 104 Also Extends Cocktails-To-Go Measure Which Helped Businesses During Pandemic

This coming out of Springfield yesterday — Businesses serving alcohol can now offer up a free drink to vaccinated patrons under a new law signed by Governor JB Pritzker today. The measure also extends businesses’ ability to sell cocktails for pickup and delivery.  

“Not only will the vaccine protect you from getting sick — your free COVID-19 shot can now get you a free shot of your choosing or whatever drink suits your palate,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “I’m pleased to sign this legislation into law to offer our hardest-hit businesses another lifeline as we recover from the pandemic.”  

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After the Carrot, Does the Stick Come?

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is giving out carrots. What do I mean by that? You’ve heard of the carrot and the stick, right?

Wikipedia defines the phrase this way, “The phrase ‘carrot and stick’ is a metaphor for the use of a combination of reward and punishment to induce a desired behavior. In politics, “carrot or stick” sometimes refers to the realist concept of soft and hard power.”

So if he’s giving out carrots and the “rabbits” won’t bite, does the stick come next?

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U.S. Government Trafficking in Aborted Baby Parts

Yep, hard to believe, isn’t it? And all on the backs of the American taxpayer. Check this out.

This is gross. Warning: Read at your own risk. Our country and our government are heading over a cliff. Can anyone save us from what is surely coming?

Life Legal Defense Association Graphic

The Picture is Emerging

Don’t ever give up asking questions! This post piggybacks onto my last post from July 2020. LOTS more puzzle pieces have emerged since that time….

Now the conspirators are actually TELLING us what they are up to. I guess they think no one will notice. First, regarding the stolen election of November 2020…TIME magazine actually printed a piece describing how they stole it and why. The article was written by Molly Ball and posted on February 4, 2021. I’m not going to post the link because I don’t want them coming here. They actually said they were GUARDING the election by releasing all the safety standards on elections in the contested states. They were actually GUARDING democracy by filling out fake ballots filled out ahead of time for Joe Biden. They were ensuring democracy.

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Questions, questions, and More Questions

I have questions. I actually think everyone should have questions. Questions about all of the opposing information we have been given about this pandemic. But I work for the news media. We’ are supposed to ask questions. All truly thinking people should not be satisfied with just being told things willy-nilly. Especially when the information has been and continues to be so conflicting. After all these months now, our government wants to mandate masking….that’s just one of the weird things, especially when in the beginning, we were told, “it’s just for two weeks so we can flatten the curve.” And now we have flattened the economy and people’s lives…but heh… Continue reading