Election – November 4, 2008 -An Editorial

Many around the world and here in the U.S. are celebrating the recent landmark moment in our history: the election of the first biracial man to the highest office in our land. I agree, it certainly is a land mark moment. But I believe that not one, but two watershed events in our nation’s history have just occurred. The first one is the one most people are celebrating; the second one is for those who have been watching and paying close attention to all of the information available.

I believe in the integrity of our system and that that integrity should be preserved at all costs. And it must be preserved by the people. Our government has been carefully structured to be of the people, by the people, and for the people according to our Founder’s documents. They risked their lives, their reputations, and the loss of their property for this premise. And belief in this premise is one of the reasons our country has experienced greatness. It is important for integrity to be maintained, else, how can the people put trust in their elected leadership? I always thought the job of the news media is to help the people stay informed about events they are not personally attendant at and people they are not personally involved with. I do not believe the mainstream news media performed that job in this election, therefore, information was withheld or nominally investigated so as not to hinder one of the candidates. I believe this to be strongly lacking in integrity.

In my world, I do not believe in lying or cheating to make my way in life and get what I want. I believe in the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe in morality and integrity, right and wrong, and that these principles are worth something; they are valuable in making life decent for everyone and they are worth standing up for. And they make it fair for everyone. But when just one person cheats or lies, then it becomes not fair for someone somewhere.

I am troubled by the reports about the associations and friends of the president-elect and their subsequent philosophies of life and government. These associations would make any other person applying for some government positions ineligible for a security clearance. I am troubled by reports of a long history of association with, as well as donations being made by, this same candidate to an organization with so much history of fraudulent voter registrations, apparently in an attempt to influence the outcome of a federal election. Do parents no longer teach their children…”Birds of a feather flock together”? Does no one tell their children…”You will be known by the company you keep”? My grandmother taught me these things.

I am troubled by the fact that security measures were turned off on the website of this candidate, so that anyone anywhere could make donations to the campaign without the ability to match names, numbers and addresses. There were donations made by Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse that were easily accepted, I have read. How can this be? And if anyone does not know this, donations from foreign countries are illegal, so that those countries cannot influence the integrity of our elections. Do we want to win at all costs so as to ignore integrity? Is this not important in our country any longer? I believe that most of us would say yes, I want my leadership to be trustworthy. I want to be able to trust them. So if these things are still important, why does it seem as if so many either ignored these things or denied them? This is the other watershed moment I am speaking of: if these things are no longer important to us in this country, then we have lost something in our nation. How will we ever be able to trust our elected leaders if we, the people, do not demand integrity from them? Remember…government by the people, of the people, and for the people. We will get the government we accept.

I concede that no government or set of leaders is perfect. We will never have perfect government this side of heaven. But I call upon the people of this country to demand accountability and integrity from our government. If we don’t….no one else will and I can only imagine what kind of government we will have then.

I have been reading a book this morning about conditions in Germany after WW1. Certain statements put me in mind of some things we are or may be going through here: “Their savings were totally wiped out. They had lost faith in their government. The people suffered immeasureably…”. “As long as the economy was strong, people didn’t care whether they had freedom of speech, freedom of travel, or freedom of elections.” “If the economy is the key to physical survival and if the body is deemed more important than the soul, morality will soon be sacrificed in the interest of survival.” These statements are from the book, Hitler’s Cross, by Erwin W. Lutzer. I’m sure many would say nothing like what happened in Germany can happen here. But I say, if we lose our integrity and if we do not demand it from those who would rule over us, we are on a very slippery slope. Freedom costs, as our history shows us so clearly. Our ability to vote for our leaders is a gift from God. Let’s demand integrity in every election process, no matter who is running and what race they are.


2 thoughts on “Election – November 4, 2008 -An Editorial

  1. Katherine, I am amazed that we both have started new blogs with similar themes! I look forward to regular visits to yours!


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