And Then There’s This One…

From a Washington Times column by Frank Gaffney reporting on today’s educational program at the United States Treasury Department. I got this from the PowerLine blog.

“The department is hosting a half-day course entitled “Islamic Finance 101” on Thursday at its headquarters building. Treasury’s self-described “seminar for the policy community” is co-sponsored with the leading academic promoters of Shariah and [Shariah-Compliant Finance, or SCF] in the United States: Harvard University Law School’s Project on Islamic Finance. At the very least, the U.S. government evidently hopes to emulate Harvard’s success in securing immense amounts of Wahhabi money in exchange for conforming to the Islamists’ agenda.”

One thing I do know, we don’t want Shariah law in this country. England has already adopted Islamic Shariah law courts. Wonder where that will lead to next. Read about it here.

UPDATE:  It appears that the link above was not working properly.  I hope I have it working now.

Two more articles may provide interesting reading on this subject.’We-want-to-offer-sharia-law-to-Britain’.html


3 thoughts on “And Then There’s This One…

  1. Here in England we don’t have Sharia Law Courts.
    Informal family matters can be discussed with Sharia leaders, to see if mediation in a problem can be effective within private discussions. The decisions carry no weight in law and are voluntary on both sides. Anything that needs a legal response goes before the English Court following English laws.

  2. Chillsider, the link to the online Times article was a bad one. It should be working now. Please check the article and tell me what you think. I don’t think I have misread it. I think there has been a recent change. By the way, your vacation pictures are lovely..ahh..the seashore…I live so far away from it.

  3. Newspapers do have agendas too. I think the key is
    “Under the act, the sharia courts are classified as arbitration tribunals. The rulings of arbitration tribunals are binding in law, provided that both parties in the dispute agree to give it the power to rule on their case. ”
    The courts operate, as Jewish ones have for years in family disputes.
    I know it seems unfair when daughters receive less than sons……but then we have had primo genitor for centuries.
    The difficulty with coping with peoples beliefs and the law is when a culture’s religion traditionally makes the law.
    Islam, Catholicism, maybe Fundamental Protestants would demand that they follow a higher power, that’s why we burned Catholics once upon a time.
    It is all so difficult where peoples beliefs are concerned, where there is no separation between State and religion. I see no harm in homosexuality but some religions do, but I can’t let the a Belief I don’t have over run the Law that has been agreed that we are all entitled to pursue happiness in our own way.
    When the British had an Empire we imposed our Laws and told ourselves we were civilising peoples.
    I think we are embarrassed about that now and seek to establish multi-culturalism here so that different cultures can follow their beliefs as long as they obey the Law we have evolved and agreed here.
    We lean over backwards sometimes. We have religious schools, where I think in America and France religion has no place in education.
    Sharia Law has no power over anyone who rejects it, just as Catholic/fundamentalist beliefs have no power to stop ……..abortions under the Law.
    Humans are complex and contradictory, we have to respect each other and keep trying to find a path that causes least harm……………
    As I understand it America ask it’s citizens to become “americans” in a “melting pot” -maybe we here should have been bolder.
    I do admire the Muslim women I have met, they all seem to get such comfort and support from their belief, they value family and look at the way our culture exploits some women with horror, which gave me pause for thought.
    I look at the Patriarchy they mostly accept and am horrified in turn.
    I suspect that men seeking power sometimes use religion to impose their will.
    God is love seems the basis of all beliefs but gets lost in the practice of most religions I think.

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