Blaming Others…

We live in a nation of millions of people.  I don’t know what the actual count is, but 126 – 128 million people voted.   In other words, LOTS of people live here.  I believe each person has a part to play, a task to do to contribute to the well being of the country.  If everyone is doing what they are supposed to do, harmony prevails.  But when people get out of sync with their place in society, chaos on some level occurs.  Like dominoes set up in a row, when one falls over, it starts a subsequent chain reaction.  I believe that everything we do, either good or bad, affects others for good or bad.

So why do we blame others for stuff?  As I listen to all the blaming going on of our current president, I wonder why one man, in a sea of government powers, gets all the blame for everything going on in the country.  There is much fault to go around about many things.  I suppose it may be because he is most visible.  And, this is not a new thing to this administration.  Yes, he made decisions that affected the country.  That, after all, is his job, his task.  And I don’t know if going to war in Iraq was the right decision or not.  I really haven’t formulated a concrete opinion on it, because I don’t think I am privy to all the facts.  Note that I have no security clearance and I don’t attend security meetings.  Perhaps I am in the minority on this, but I am fairly content to let those whose job it is to make those decisions, make those decisions.  We didn’t get to have a vote about that particular policy; we had already voted in an election which said that most of the country felt he was trustworthy enough and responsible enough to handle the affairs of the nation.  Now I know that millions did not agree with that election choice, just as millions do not agree with the choice of the new president-elect.  However, this is the way it has always been in our electoral process and will continue to be, barring any strange deviation from the Constitution. I am grateful that our country has not experienced any terrorist attacks since 9-1-1, and I believe he deserves a lot of credit for that, along with many others who were doing their job.

I have discovered in my few brief years of living that, not everything in life makes me happy.  But I have also discovered, thankfully (and others are glad too), that I am not the center of the universe and my happiness or unhappiness doesn’t depend on stuff going on around me.  I find the recent meanness expressed in the public forum in our electoral process to be so undermining of who we are as people.  It reminds me of several types of circumstances.  I am not going to pick on any certain group of people, because we are all guilty of it, but let’s just say “high school” for instance where LOTS of immaturity is going on.  It reminds me of when we used to gossip about another girl or cut her down because she had a big nose or dressed funny.  Now, as far as I know, I was never the butt of this, but was always on the top side, meaning I was the one doing it.  I was very judgmental for a long time in my life.  I sat in judgment on most people who weren’t my friends, decrying all of their faults, according to me.  And I did all of this, not even knowing them.  I didn’t know them intimately at all, but I felt very qualified to judge their behavior and their appearance.  I still have to watch myself, that I don’t judge people in this way.  My mind is quick to judge.  I also believe that kind of judgmentalism comes from fear and pride.  Fear, because “I’m not secure in who I am and someone else may be better than me.”  Pride because, “by golly, they’re not going to be better than me and I am going to make sure of it by de-valueing them and cutting them down to size.  And I don’t want them to be right either, because I’m so smart.”  See how the thought process goes?  This is small thinking, gossip and pettiness.  Especially when one considers what is most important in life.  There is a time to point out things that are wrong, and we can agree to disagree, but can we do it in a spirit of kindness and respect? I believe we can, if we want to.


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