A Bit of This ‘N That

My poor neglected blog! I have been way too busy this past week to write. I have been doing some studying though, but I need to nail some things down before I write about it. I have done some reading about the Depression period. I have a great interest in economics, how the various parts of the economy relate to each other, and how government policy affects the economy. I have been doing some reading about free trade vs. protectionism. In time I will share some things I have learned. For today though, I may just have to throw out a few bones…

Elections in Minnesota…the secretary of state today is going to certify the election of Norm Coleman as the winner of the senate race, by 215 votes. However, the recount is to start tomorrow and take up to 3 weeks. Al Franken has been trying to do some last minute maneuvering to keep the election from being certified today, but has failed. It does appear that the Democrats have won another senate seat, that being the one from Alaska, making their current count 58, I believe. A runoff in the Georgia senate race is scheduled to start in December.

Interesting things to know about how Obama got elected…it seems Obama voters were polled by Zogby and 57 percent thought Republicans still controlled Congress and only 12 percent could identify Obama as the one whose energy policies would make electricity costs skyrocket. Sounds like most were not paying as close attention as I was. They were well informed on issues about Sarah Palin, though. 94 percent knew she had a pregnant teenage daughter, and 86 percent knew about her wardrobe issues. Check out the PowerLine blog for more information. I wonder what news outlets they listened to?

Gay activists mobs have been throwing temper tantrums (and in the process threatening people’s safety) because they didn’t get to create A New Right for their movement in several states. They even went so far as to interrupt a church service, making noise and throwing papers around. I have found that when a child (or an adult, for that matter) throws a temper tantrum, the best thing to do is ignore it. State constitutions gives the people the right to have a say in these matters…and it appears that the people have spoken. I’m sorry that the mobs were not able to sway the vote of the people, but that is the way it works in this country. And I doubt that temper tantrums will change their minds. Threats and intimidation are not a good way to get your point across.

Be sure to trot on over to TownHall.com and do some reading. There are lots of respected columnists writing there on issues and events of the day.

It does seem like the honeymoon period for President-elect Obama has started, and I am content to stay here at this time. His cabinet is looking like the Clinton administration…this seems very strange to me, like deja vu. I join the rest of conservatism in wondering what our world will look like on January 20, 2009 when President-elect Obama will make the pledge to “...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” From what I have been reading, it seems he has some issues with the Constitution. I wonder how that will work out, for him, and for us.

5 thoughts on “A Bit of This ‘N That

  1. I am looking forward to reading about your economic discoveries. I have to say that I believe most people who voted for Obama were misinformed. This is unfortunate but we have become a nation that expects to be spoon fed everything. I am convinced we do not recieve balanced new via the TV or many newspapers. I didn’t know how Obama felt about the constitution until I heard it on talk radio and further researched it online. The people will see when they stand there with their hands open and the many promises Obama made are not followed through with. There is NO possible way even 1/4 of the promises he made can be done and still cut taxes. We just need a return of good old common sense!! Thanks for your blog and keeping us informed!!

  2. Great post! I could not agree more, that a large portion of the people who voted for Obana were (are) woefully uninformed and misinformed. I have near-and-dear ones who were passionately in support of Obama, and we just couldn’t discuss it. Caused discord, and I knew that I would not change their minds.

    I just wonder how many of those people will one day think to themselves, ‘why did I vote for this guy?’, when things don’t turn out quite like they expected.

    Thanks for writing and spreading truth.

  3. Hi Julie, I need to do more studying while trying to get stuff ready for a show.

    Hi conservativepup, (I hope you don’t mind if I affectionately call you just “pup”), thanks for reading…I have been on your blog a lot lately too

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