Let Me Tell You A Story…

A week or so before the election, I traveled home to see friends and family.  I went to pick up my great nieces and my sweet nephew to take them all out for pizza and spend some time with them since I don’t get to see them often.  I like to touch base with them and see what is going on in their heads and their hearts. The oldest is 14, then a 12 year old, an almost 12 year old and a 10 year old.  I call them “my kids” ’cause they are, sort of.  When they were all being born, their grandmother was in Texas, so I got to be grandma for awhile.  The mothers brought their babies to me.  Anyway, the 12 year old has been diagnosed with ADD and she chattered like a magpie that night after I picked her and her sister up.  We then went to pick up the other two.  Katelyn chattered on and on about Barack Obama, how great he was, what he was going to do for the country, and how they would have an election at their school.  She kept it up and the others joined in when they all got in the car.  Honestly, she sounded like the mainstream media.  I had heard it all before.  I highly doubt that children that age sit around at school and talk politics.  Suspicion is high that teachers were very much involved in fostering this new one sided interest in the elections. Remember the video of children singing to Obama that came out during the elections?  It seemed very creepy at the time as I remember another leader (who is now dead) who used the young people of his country in a similar manner.

As they were all going on and on, I asked them if they believed in killing unborn babies.  They all said a vehement NO!  When I told them that Mr. Obama did believe in that and without restrictions, it was so quiet the silence was deafening.  I guess no one ever told them that.


2 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You A Story…

  1. This is very telling, and true. I am hoping so very much that many young conservative men and women will choose teaching, (at all levels), journalism, and the practice of law so that we might reclaim these areas. These are the areas where the most damage can be done.

    I’m so glad you had the opportunity to open their young eyes even just a little bit.

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Good post.

  2. Thanks for the kudos, pup. Yes, I agree these areas need reclaiming by those who adhere to the great principles of our nation. Since the “progressives” will always be pounding at the door, we need to have fine minds enter the debate. I am amazed at how much I keep learning the more I listen to the debate. I hear good, common sense arguments for the conservative viewpoint. Btw, I got several phone calls and emails complimenting me on “being published” in the local paper, even from those who claim to be from the other party.

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