Where I’ve Been Lately…

I have so neglected this blog. I apologize for that but I have very good excuses. Want to hear them? Well, for one, I have been working very hard this week preparing for an art fair this past weekend. You see, I am an entrepreneurial artist in this great free market country of ours. As such, I create my own “job”, my own work, my own market, if you will. I think I see that the way to create a “market” is to create a product, then take it to the public. If the public loves it, you have a market. So this past weekend, I was marketing and selling my hand dyed and painted art scarves. I have been selling silk scarves quite well this holiday season, both in person and online in my etsy shop. You can see them here, if you like. So it looks like I have a pretty good market for those. I also have other fiber art works for sale. Although I didn’t sell any of those this weekend, I know there is a market out there because I have sold them in the past. And….(drum roll, please)…I was approached by a gallery owner and asked to have my own solo show. So yes, there is a market out there, one just has to be very busy looking for it in all the possible ways it can be found. Especially with what I do. There are no guarantees. I am always searching for the market. I sell my gifts and talents, which is really what we all do in some form or other in this free market economy of ours.

This type of life is very different from going to work for an employer who takes ALL the risks and all you do is give him your time to see HIS dream come to pass; in return, you get a guaranteed income. And even if his dream is paying him less, you still get your guaranteed income (unless things get really bad). With what I do, I invest money for ALL the materials, I invest TONS of my own time in it; in return, I might not get very much money, if any. Why do I do it? Because I am the one with the vision, the dream. I am the one taking all the risks. I am the one with all the responsibility for my dream. But that’s what so great about our country…anyone can do this, can follow a dream, can make a business, can prosper in the way they choose. No one tells you (yet) that you have to do a certain type of work.  You get to actually choose.  I do what I do because I love it and I have a dream (to quote someone really famous). I hope that it becomes financially prosperous for us in time. I’m actually planning on it!


3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been Lately…

  1. Congratulations on getting your own show!

    I like this post a lot; I totally agree with how you describe our market system in this country. There’s no better way. There might be surer ways (is that a word?), but there is nothing better. To be responsible for your own success and to have it be unlimited in potential, that is the American dream. I’m glad you have it!

  2. Thanks for your comment, pup. I planned on just telling where I’d been lately…and then the whole thing evolved into a post on the free market. You just never know what can happen….I have the dream, the desire….now just waiting for the money to follow…

  3. Let’s hear it for the free market system! I too have a business that is market driven. Recently, I was in a 2-day craft fair, and on day 2, to bring in more sales, I marked down several of my items and posted a sale sign. People were attracted to the sign and bought some of the marked-down items… duh! Not rocket science!
    I love having my own mini-business, and love living where it is possible to live the dream! Thanks for the reminder…


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