Changing Terminology…

In my prior post, I talked about how the term “liberal” is being changed to the word “progressive”. I think I may have recently heard the new president-elect use it. As I was pondering this, a situation that my husband and I saw several years ago came to mind. We were searching for a local church and had visited one in particular. It was a young church plant in our hometown area. It had a fresh, new style and the people were nice. I noticed a very small sbc under their name. When I inquired about it, I was told it stood for Southern Baptist Convention, but the reason they were keeping it so small and not using it as a part of their name was that they didn’t want to “turn people off”. So what is there about the Southern Baptist Convention that would turn people off? I suppose there are some who would immediately not go there for that reason. I always thought there was something inherently strange about that, like they were trying to hide something. Why wouldn’t you want to say who you are or who you are affiliated with? I really felt there was more to it.

The same thing happened at another church. It was affiliated with the Assemblies of God, yet, they too, were downplaying their affiliation, again in the name of, we don’t want to ‘turn people off”. So how does concealing your affiliation from people, not make you affiliated with that group? Were they trying to disguise who they were? I only bring this up in relation to my prior post, because I believe these church groups were trying to “disguise” who they were, just as I believe liberals who now use the term progressive are trying to “disguise” who they really are. Each group has the same purpose and agenda (whether for good or bad) as when they were openly using their other name; I do not believe that has changed in either case.

Note: I am NOT saying these church groups had any bad agenda; I am only questioning their reasoning behind their decision to conceal their affiliation. Don’t flame me for it.


One thought on “Changing Terminology…

  1. Good post Kathy. There’s a lot of ways to use and abuse words to hide the truth. Makes it more work, if one is trying to do business with, or join up with a group or something. Interesting that those churches were worried about that.

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