The Meaning of Words….

A recent comment by a visitor prompted me to search out and define some words. My friend at the Conservative Pup did her own research in response to the commenter and her response was excellent, so I thought perhaps some discussion might be warranted. It does no good to sling words around if we don’t know the meaning. I’m willing to have open discussion and I don’t like to put labels on people that are derogatory or that I don’t know the meaning of. Conversely, I don’t care for people applying terms to me that are derogatory and demeaning. So I thought some discussion might be in order. The commenter said the word “conservative” is codespeak for “folks who lean toward fascism”.

Let’s start with the term conservative: The dictionary says a conservative is one who favors traditional views and values and one who supports political conservatism or a conservative party. Conservatism is defined as the disposition in politics to preserve the status quo, the tendency to resist change in preference to an existing order. There are many people with differing values and beliefs in the political party of conservatism. But there are core beliefs in the platform of that party. I won’t be covering them exhaustively. I believe conservatives basically stand for protection for the unborn(which we have always had up until a few years ago) and all other humans, small central government(the framers’ intention), lower taxes so that businesses and families can prosper and not be burdened with supporting a bloated central government bureaucracy.

Since the commenter compared conservatism with fascism, we will look at that definition next. Fascism is a philosophy or governmental system marked by stringent socioeconomic control, a strong central government usually headed by a dictator, and often a belligerently nationalistic policy. It is also defined as oppressive, dictatorial control.

I don’t see similarities in these two definitions. They are opposite. Especially the part about small central government vs. a strong central government.

I will be posting about other terms in the future.


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