Are We There Yet?

Children ask this question on long car drives.  Are we there yet?  Have we arrived?

But today I am asking it in an entirely new context.  Yesterday, I caught part of a movie with Glenn Ford about WW2 and the French resistance movement in France.  I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I think I would like to.   As I watched it, I began to “see” things.  First I “saw” the intolerance of the Nazis  to any political dissent against their agenda. They were totalitarian, cruel, and evil in their goal to conquer.  The individual person was nothing to them.  When the individual no longer counts, this is a dangerous place to be.  I think we see this in the vociferous attempts to crush any views supporting the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage.  Look at the outcry against Pastor Rick Warren, who is to deliver the invocation at the Presidential inauguration, because of his beliefs.  He doesn’t hate people.

Then I saw the sacrifices, the bravery by those who did resist them and were crushed.  They lost their own children and eventually their own lives.  They sacrificed themselves rather than give in to the intolerant ones. Then I saw how evil was allowed to rule for a time.  The Nazis were eventually crushed, but it seemed they were “allowed” to rule and do their evil for awhile before they themselves were conquered.

How does this pertain to our time?  I “see” this same “spirit” of intolerance operating in our own country, though I concede it is restrained at the moment. But I believe it is growing.  We are seeing it all around us.  It can function on the right or the left, but today it seems to be much more prominent on the left.  There seems to be a lot of hate out there.  And there are groups, operating under the banner of “God” that are displaying this same spirit, but that attitude is not from the God I know.  He hates sin, but He never hates people.  He values people and He would never behave the way these groups are behaving.

So, I ask it again…are we there yet?  I believe we are on our way.


One thought on “Are We There Yet?

  1. You are so right on this. And the more we learn and know about history the more we see the similarities. We talk a lot about stuff like this at our house; so many “repeating patterns”, and it isn’t comforting at all.

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