The Answer To Our Health Care…What Is It?

Some days my head feels like the information superhighway.  Does yours?

I have been gone for a few days at a wonderful quilting retreat with some wonderful people.  We didn’t talk politics per se, but I did pick some people’s brains about what they thought the solution was to the health care “dilemma”.  I keep hearing how our health care system is “broken”.  What exactly does that mean, when we have the finest health care in the world?  What does the term “broken” mean?  Are “they” referring to people who don’t have insurance? Is our health care system bad?  Just what does “broken” mean?  This isn’t what I intended to write about today.

All I know is we (my husband and I) pay a pretty penny to have health insurance.  It keeps going up quite a bit every year…and we have been raising the deductible and the co-pay to save money, but now I don’t think we can make any more adjustments.  And we rarely use it.  When we do use it, we pay again because our deductible is high.  We never meet the deductible in a year.  We are blessed because we try to stay healthy.  Sometimes I do think we would be better off just having our own health care savings plan and put the money we give them every month into our own separate account and let it draw interest (if that is possible in the current climate).

I asked people this weekend if the insurance companies were “gouging” us (a term the government likes to use when referring to oil companies).  People seemed to think so and I wonder about this myself.  One girl commented that insurance companies have the finest buildings for their offices.  So my next question to them was, then what is the answer to “fixing” our health care system?  Everyone was in agreement that a government system was not the answer.  Not one person thought that was  good idea at all.  It does seem that if we are being “gouged” by the insurance companies on rates, that some regulation would help, but then again, you have government entering the picture.  And we know that they are co-conspirators in the current banking/lending crisis.  I did hear one interesting solution, but my mind just can’t conjure it up at the moment.  There was another topic I was going to blog about….but I can’t conjure it up either.  Let me know your thoughts about the rising costs of health care and how to deal with it.  I’m interested.


4 thoughts on “The Answer To Our Health Care…What Is It?

  1. I guess I will comment first on my own post…in a free market system, I guess everyone is free to set their own prices on what they sell. Most people price at what the market will bear, I think. Of course, insurance is almost like a commodity because people need it, so I think it would fall into another category of the free market. Personally, when I don’t feel I can afford something I don’t buy it at all, or only buy it when it goes on sale. I stayed home when gasoline went up so high. Now when the rates go up again, as they do every year, I may have to not buy it, and wait for the “sale”! Like I believe that will happen!

  2. Good post, Kathy. It is a dilemma and it’s hard to know what to think and feel about it. I’m such a free market advocate, but the cost of health care is so high that hard-working people can be devastated by an illness, if they don’t have insurance. The cost of insurance is so high that many don’t think they can afford it.

    I too pay a hefty amount each month, and also–thank God–haven’t had to use it. But I make the payment knowing that IF something terrible happens, it should be mostly covered.

    This is a complicated subject. The ONLY thing I know for sure, as a conservative and as a health care worker, is that we DO NOT want the government controlling it. That would truly be a nightmare that most people can’t even imagine.

  3. My impression is that so much of the increase in health-care costs has to do with fear of litigation; doctors and hospitals are ordering tests in order to avoid malpractice suits, not because they want to rule out a particular ailment. And yes, the drug companies do charge exhorbitant amounts for medicines. I have insurance, thanks to my former employer where retirees get to keep their coverage, and if it weren’t for that I don’t know what we would do, since my DH has several ailments requiring medication and regular doctor visits. So from my perspective, being able to limit the $ amount of malpractice lawsuits and finding ways to lower the cost of medicines might help. Encouraging insurance companies to think outside the box to find ways to lower premium costs and offer coverage to those who don’t have insurance might help. Turning the government into insurance companies would not help, in my opinion… the government has a hard enough time doing what they were designed to do, let alone morphing into insurance companies, banks, etc.!

  4. Hi Judy, thanks for commenting. I think actual litigation has lots to do with rising costs as well as everything else you mentioned. Malpractice insurance then went up proportionally too. President Bush did want to tackle torte reform, but then we ended up in a war, so I don’t remember that ever coming up. Those are all good ideas you have there. I hereby nominate you to office!!!

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