Government….by, for, and of, the people…

I heard something the other day that I have been mulling over.  I think it was a judicial analyst who said it on tv.  But I think it is a very profound thought.  It has to do specifically with the situation in my state of Illinois with our current governor and what has been going on with him.  I will briefly try to review what was said.

The office of governor (or any other office) belongs to the people of the state.  The officeholder is simply a servant (think maid or butler).  When the people decide that the officeholder is not doing a good job or is breaking the law, irregardless of whether the officeholder is guilty or not, the officeholder should resign and let the office go back to the people.

I don’t know why I found this to be so interesting, perhaps because I have actually not thought of it this way.  I believe that the people “hire”, by election, its governing officials, but I guess I never thought of the people actually owning the office, which is really just another way to say it, I suppose.  This statement by this analyst makes a lot of sense to me.  So I believe this means that our governor should resign.  He should have done it already.  There have been calls made for him to do so, by many people.  And now the state congress has passed an impeachment resolution and he will go on trial in the senate.

So why is it so hard for servants/leaders to give up a position that really was only on loan to them anyway?  I have seen this in 0ther areas, specifically in the arena of church leadership.  A servant/leader is obviously and openly disqualified (usually because of moral failure), but refuses to step down.  I think it must come from the fact that, in each case, the leader no longer (if ever) sees himself as a servant.  He must have  feelings of entitlement now and wishes to defend himself.  But if you work for the people, then the people have the right to “fire” you.

Today I was reading an interview by Cal Thomas with Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, who is a practicing Roman Catholic.  Wow.  He called on the Republican party to “repent”, and change their ways.  And it’s the party he represents.  It also looks like Louisiana may have a surplus in their treasury.  Their government provides transparency in their spending by posting everything online, so the people can see what is going on.  Now I think that’s servant leadership.  You go, Bobby Jindal.  I’m behind you all the way.


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