New Additions…

I’m jazzing up my blog a bit today. I’ve added a couple of videos on the sidebar…now you can have music while you read my tidbits of information.

I love Third Day’s song, Nothing Compares. It’s true, nothing compares to knowing God. If you have nothing today, you can still know God. He accepts you. And if you know God, you have everything. If you have lost someone important in your life, you can still know God. He will heal your pain. He lost someone important to Him too. The other video is an awesome arrangement of Great Is Thy Faithfulness. God is faithful. We need to believe and pay attention! Why? Because He is always doing things for us. Even small things, but you will miss them if you are not paying attention. Being grateful for what we have in life helps us to see God doing things for us. If we are whiny and ungrateful, we won’t see God’s goodness towards us. Some day maybe I will write a post called “About Peppers, Fans, and Pandas”. It’s about some things God did for me recently and for one 12 year old little girl who wanted a specific item on a sweatshirt for Christmas. God helped me deliver that to my little niece. My heart was touched that He would do that for her, that He cared that much about her desires. Yeah, it was a small thing, but it was a big thing to her…and me. He cares about the small things that concern us. He’s a wonderful God. Get to know Him. He would love that.


2 thoughts on “New Additions…

  1. Kathy. Wow. I love your new additions; I was browsing just yesterday at the scripture tags; love yours.

    And the music. Glorious! Can you believe I had not know Fernando Ortego’s name before. I feel like I have heard him, but how wonderful to discover his name. As soon as I listened to the videos here, I went straight to iTunes and am currently downloading some of his music.

    Thanks for sharing these new things with us!


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