What “Fairness” Might Look Like…

Dr. Zhivago is on tv again. This is a new version with different actors. It’s not the old Omar Shariff/Julie Christie version. The Ovation channel has been running it for two weeks, at least. This one stars…Keira somebody…well, I should just pay more attention.  I got to watch a bit more of it last night, paying special attention to what the socialist/communist mindset thinks “fair” is.

Dr. Zhivago’s wife’s family, I believe, owned a large home in Moscow. After the Communists took over, 6 other families moved in. But the doc’s wife was pretty excited that, at least, their family of 4 had two small rooms to themselves, it was cozy, and they had a stove. The doc “pilfered” some wood for the fire from something he saw lying around outside in the snow, then was eyed suspiciously by one of the other women when he came home…it seems “pilfering” was not allowed and everyone watched everyone else and would report on each other because everyone was so needy of the everyday necessities of life. It looked like there was quite a bit of stealing going on, as well as communists randomly shooting at people on the streets at night. I noticed when doc’s family moved to the country, that some people had a cow. I think I would be afraid to own anything in that brave new world, because you would be robbed and probably killed for it. People were hungry and cold. One guy was so desperate, he shot his own family and said, At least they were safe now, then killed himself. To Communists in the movie, killing someone was no big deal, because there was a higher cause. This sounds like the thinking of Hitler and his Gestapo.

When Dr. Zhivago worked in the local hospital in Moscow, he had a falling out with the “Director”. It seems the doc, because he really wanted to help people, diagnosed a typhoid outbreak, for which he was resoundly reprimanded by a council, for “spreading hysteria”. They shipped him out of town.

I spent some time yesterday reading an extremely long essay on Discover The Networks.org. It was under the New Today section (don’t know how long they leave that up) and the name of the essay was Defining and Understanding the Terms “Liberal”, “Left” and “Progressive”. According to the article, the Left spends all of its time in denial about reality. Boy, did the above scene fit that definition. God help our country to never go this route.  And that’s a prayer.

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