Changing of The Guard…

The administration of President George W. Bush is finished.  Let us hope that much of the protections he enacted for our country’s people are not finished.  I heard about a website where people can go and leave a message for the President and First Lady.  It’s at

The President, vice-president and their wives,  were booed yesterday and essentially “given the boot” when a particular group, needing lessons in respect, sang a “goodbye” song to them.  In essence, they “dissed” them.  But the Bush’s are a gracious couple, having gained much experience in the last 7 years of dealing with attitudes from those who  expressed hatred of and to them.  They will be just fine.  And the 2010 elections are just a short time away.

I salute them for their service.  Good bye Mr. President and Laura.  We love you and will miss you.


6 thoughts on “Changing of The Guard…

  1. thanks for providing the ‘thank w’ website. i was so discouraged and disgusted by the booing, and you’re right, the Bush’s always presented a gracious and respectable front and demeanor in the public eye. i really hope they are able to focus on the support and gratitude of the many rather than the ignorance and short-sightedness of their critics.

  2. That they are, Kathy. Good post; and thanks for that link. Neither the Bushes nor the Cheneys deserve the disgraceful behavior of the classless. They have such classic grace themselves, though, that they know how to just ignore it. Not go to that level.

    What a bunch of immature, ill-raised, ill-mannered, and uninformed people. Boy, we have a lot of work to do. But, I have a good deal of optimism that we will do that work and it will pay off.

  3. Hi pup, yes, we have a lot of work to do, but I don’t expect future conservative wins to do anything but continue to rile up and expose the intolerance of the other side.

  4. I hadn’t really stopped to think about the repercussions of conservative wins, but I think you’re exactly right. They are IN now, and they won’t go away quietly. I can picture Minnesota-style recounts all over the country.

  5. Thanks for posting that website, Kathy. I am glad to be able to add my thanks to the others already posted!
    We watched some of the events Tuesday but did not let it get in the way of our normal routine. I’m glad it’s over… wonder how long before the honeymoon is over for the libs? ;->

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