Civil Rights in The New Order…

Everyone who cares about the future of our country should head right on over to the link at and check out the new President’s civil rights policies.  It’s (gasp) a social policy place our country has never seen before.  The so-called “rights” (special class rights)  of a few are now to be crowned above common sense and longstanding social order.  The family unit will  never be the same again.  It looks like we will join Canada by prosecuting anyone who dares to disagree.  Will church leaders now be imprisoned when they teach their people that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong?  Will parents be likewise be imprisoned for “hate crimes” when they teach the same?  Will churches now be forced to hire openly gay people?  Will they be forced to hire them to teach their people? Where is liberty?  Where is freedom of conscience? Where is freedom of religion? It’s one thing for the electorate to vote this in to our social policies, but quite another for it to be mandated from above by a president or a court.  Where is government by the people, of the people, and for the people?  This is social policy, and as such, should be decided by the people.

First Amendment…Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…I guess we will get around that some way. Executive order will now prohibit free speech. Hmmm...these are murky waters we are in. When the second amendment says Congress shall make no law, I believe it is safe to assume that the founders’ intentions were that no part of government, be it Executive or Judicial, also be included in this statement.

I agree that no one should be discriminated against… period.  Let’s define discriminate, just for the sake of clarity.  Webster says it means “to make a clear distinction: differentiate, to act on the basis of prejudice, to perceive the distinguishing features of, to serve to mark: differentiate.  It is the prejudicial aspect of the word that is in play in this argument.  Prejudice is basically defined as irrational hatred or suspicion of a specific group, race, or religion.  There should be no prejudice against homosexuals.  I am not prejudiced against homosexuals.  I love homosexuals.  I have closely known several and I care for them very much, just as I care for many other people whose lifestyles I do not endorse, such as drug users. I simply do not endorse their lifestyle.  They may not endorse mine…and that’s ok.  It is a matter of opinion.  But I do not discriminate against them.  Under the new administration, it seems I could be prosecuted for a “hate crime” if I simply said homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle.  This is not a civil rights issue as some would like you to believe…this will now create an elite special class of citizens.  When African Americans were waging their civil rights war, they only wanted the same rights and privileges that the average American had, ie, the right to use public facilities, restaurants, etc.  This is equal treatment.  The gay agenda is asking for special treatment, not equal treatment.  They already have equal treatment rights that the rest of America has.  They do want “the right to marry”, which our society is not ready to grant them.  They need to persuade us about that.  The behavior of some after the defeat of Proposition 8 in California did little to persuade, but did much to intimidate, as it was meant to.

I have heard that the demise of past societies can be attributed in some ways to an increase of homosexuality in the culture.  I would have to to do an exhaustive study in order to present a complete argument about that, so  I will simply  make one observation and that is, that, since there is no ability to reproduce, there can be no subsequent replacement of or increase in the population.  Perhaps my readers have more thoughts about the issue.

I believe this is an important issue because of the speech implications involved.  There will be more free speech issues in the future.   It is important enough that I have added the complete text of the First Amendment to my sidebar.

UPDATE:  Just for the record, I realized that I love heterosexuals too, as well as drug addicts, the down and out, cross dressers, rape victims, alcoholics, Mormons, Baptists, etc.  I guess that makes me pretty much “inclusive”.  I don’t want to single out just one group.


One thought on “Civil Rights in The New Order…

  1. Well thought out post, Kathy. I think they definitely have the first amendment in their sights, in areas like you talked about here, with conservative talk radio, and who knows what else.

    I’m glad you added the text of the amendment; good idea! That’s what we’re doing here, right now. Exercising it, and we all know, what you don’t exercise, you lose.

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