Speaking of Al Gore…

Anyone interested in the GW debate should head on over and read Anthony Watts’ piece today. It seems that one of Al’s closest allies in the promotion of man-made climate warming, NASA warming scientist James Hanson, is now being publicly rebuked by his former supervisor at NASA.  Dr. John S. Theon has now declared himself officially a skeptic and says that Hanson “embarrassed NASA” with his alarmist claims.  Global warming alarmists would like to shut down the opposition, declaring that the debate is over, but new information keeps emerging…and more people are speaking out.  Dr. Theon says he is glad to throw his hat into the ring opposing the alarmist views.  Anthony’s blog is worth keeping track of for all the news and views on GW.  GW alarmist Al Gore is in favor of a bill that would set up carbon offsets.  I can only imagine what this will do  to our already battered economy.  And the way the alarmists want to shut down debate…well, it is reminiscent of another type of government. (Think Germany in the 30’s or Russia in 1917.)

In another noteworthy mention, but in a different type of situation, I saw a report today of a man from the Dutch parliament and leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, who is now being prosecuted by his government for hate crimes.  It seems he has been speaking out about what the Islamic Koran really says and produced a film about Islam.  Now he will be tried for “hate crimes”.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Guess who else has issued death threats against him.  Yep, the Islamic radicals are slamming him pretty good.  If you want more information about that particular subject, you might check out this link for a video.

Does anyone see what’s going on here?  It looks like there’s a movement to shut down speech condemning homosexuality (see post from Jan. 25, 2009) which is already happening in Canada, shut down the debate about climate change, and in the Netherlands, shut down speech about Islam if Islam doesn’t like it.  Hmmm….John the Baptist lost his head because he said something the other side didn’t like too.  Watching Geert Wilders today, I felt he was a very brave man who is secure in his position, no matter what he has to go through.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Al Gore…

  1. Thanks Pup, I have been reading a lot this week..that’s why I have so much to say! And the new president has been busy…and so have I. I have been following Anthony Watts’ blog for some time. They post several times a day and it is excellent. Also, check out this link http://www.tcsdaily.com/article.aspx?id=092707B. It’s titled “Gore Dodges Repeated Calls To Debate Global Warming”…excellent news item.

  2. So true. Shutting down the ability to peaceably protest is not good for a society such as ours. That is, of course, if our society doesn’t want to bow to a dictator.

    Michael York made a great quote in the movie “Jesus of Nazareth”. He played John the Baptist and said:

    “Before kingdoms change, Men must change”.

    Very appropriate for a world full of selfish, extremist, or apathetic people in charge of of the worlds governments and finances.

    Great Post!

  3. Hello Arjis, and thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I heard it mentioned yesterday that some of the left in our government would like some sort of Fairness Doctrine imposed for the internet…now I didn’t hear the particulars of how they would do that or what would be affected, but it still sounded quite ominous. The blogging world is pretty widespread…I’d hate to think they would even THINK they could regulate it.

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