Interview With the President

No, I didn’t get one.  But I have been reading one over on the President’s Blog.  Here are a couple of statements I would like clarification on…

You know, we’ve had a dysfunctional political system for a while now (emphasis mine), and the fact that we have been able to move what is by all accounts a historic piece of legislation through this quickly and that the Senate is having a serious debate about it and we still expect it to be on my desk for signature before President’s Day is quite an achievement.

Ok, so how long have we had a dysfunctional political system?  Since 1776?  Since 1876? Or, is this a slap at the previous administration?  The President does seem to like doing that.

Here’s another one..On Closing Guantanamo Bay…

It’s the right thing to do.  Ultimately it will make us safer (emphasis mine). You’ve already seen in the reaction around the world a different sense of America by us taking this action.

I must be dense, but can someone please explain to me how this will make us safer?  Will bringing the terrorists here to the homeland make us safer?  I have heard talk about using Marion, IL maximum security prison for housing them.  Yea…that’s an hour away from me.  I feel safer already…NOT!   I feel safer with them living on another continent. Really.

Thanks in advance for all your help.  You can read the full interview on these and other topics here.

One More Thing:  Perhaps this is a clue…notice how the statement “Ultimately it will make us safer” is followed by and connected to the  statement about the reaction of the world. If one pays attention to balanced news sources, it is not possible that radical muslim countries are included in this “world”.  He must be referring to all the good feelings expressed towards us by Europe, perhaps Russia t0o, that at last we have “come to our senses” on this matter.  Yes, our new president is very concerned about pleasing the world (and just about everyone on the planet, it seems), and I believe it will be at the expense of our country’s security.  Joe Biden prophesied there would be a test in the first 6 months of the new administration. We’ll just have to wait and see.


5 thoughts on “Interview With the President

  1. This is good. (thought for a minute that you had been to a sit-down with the pres-heh).

    I was pleased to read the other day that one of my reps, Mary Fallin, has introduced a bill declaring that Oklahoma will not take any of the Gitmo detainees, or as I like to call them, terrorists. I am proud of her for that.

    Hope you don’t end up being neighbors with any. I think they should relocate them, if they must, to San Francisco, the home of the most anti-military people around. I’m sure they would welcome the “detainees” with open arms. And eventually, they might then welcome the military with open arms.

  2. Personally, I think they should relocate to Washington, D.C. and, in particular, the White House. Then let the president tell us, from experience, how to handle them. Does he want them around his children and wife? Free lawyers, constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…does this work?
    Hey did you hear about he $100 steaks he lavished on a party the other day? $100 for EACH steak. And the high heat temp he keeps in the white house, high enough “to grow orchids” to quote David Axelrod? …do as I say…not as I do… He has a lot of “chutzpah”. All I can say is, Good luck, 52%, with your King.

  3. “All I can say is, Good luck, 52%, with your King.”

    Made me laugh. Yea, I heard about the fancy steaks and the hothouse he likes, and all while they’re in such a bad way in Kentucky with the ice storm and power losses. Don’t hear anybody talking much about why he hasn’t been down there, though, do we? Not like when Pres. Bush made the sensible decision not to interfere with rescue efforts in New Orleans, then got criticized for the rest of his term for not going down there.

    “The King” does have chutzpah, and I’m not impressed.

  4. He may want to move the white house to Hawaii if he can’t take D.C. winters.
    Yes, he barely mentioned the problems in KY and I’m not sure he sent FEMA out yet.
    And this is just the First Two Weeks!!!!

  5. Pup, great point about San Francisco…yep, they might grow a new appreciation for the military then. ‘Cause, you know how Muslims feel about homosexuals. Mexico has had to call out their military to fight the drug cartels. I saw pictures on the news of guys with big machine guns patrolling the streets down there on the border.
    And good for your state with your rep looking out for you and being pro-active.

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