Open Borders…Who Wants Them?

The more I read and study, the more I  start adding up what is going on.  A question that has been in my mind lately…why would anyone favor open borders, where just anyone can come into the country?  And why do some on the far left favor illegal immigration?  I don’t know all of the pros and cons on this issue, but I will start by saying we are a nation of laws, and we are getting lax on enforcement.  There is a breakdown of respect for our system of laws, that must be the starting place for  allowing illegal immigration.

Laws are absolute, but many in our nation, sadly, no longer believe in absolutes, not even in the  laws which regulate our society; they believe everything is relative.  And that is where the slippery slope begins. But I am sure that there are also very political reasons because it appears that one political party, in particular, seems to not be interested in protecting our borders, and in,fact, are arguing for keeping them open.  Now, this seems a bit bizarre, considering we are in a war on terror (there, I’ll say it) with Islamo-Fascists who want to kill Americans (remember 9/11) and destroy our free society, and open borders HELPS them do that.  And there are others from the other side who also seem to have little or no interest in doing so.  What their reasons are, I cannot fathom…it must be for some supposedly political expediency.  Lately I am  hearing dire predictions that Mexico is about to have a complete breakdown in government and that many dangers are apparent on our southern border…people in the States have been kidnapped and murdered.  Mexico has their own war on terror going on with drug cartels and corrupt law enforcement. Where will this end?

I have raised this issue before, and that is, that illegal immigrants receiving amnesty with big assistance from certainly one particular political party, would surely be a way to increase their voting base.  Some even say the goal is to have One Party in the United States.  Today I will explore the possibility that  there is also  another reason.  This post and what I am about to quote, connects to my prior post about the Unholy Alliance of Islam and the far Left/Progressives.  And while this Alliance may not appear  to be a deliberate one, the theory does at least bear looking at, and is, at minimum, one of Ideas and Agenda.  I believe it is one of Ideas and Agenda; it has at its core, the same Spirit, the same Aims…and that is, to tear down the United States of America, its freedoms and its peoples, and its free market system, until we are reduced to a socialist/communist state, captured by and subservient to, those who want to control and enslave our peoples, our society and way of life.

The following is excerpted from some of David Horowitz’s writings at  Mr. Horowitz is the son of two life-long members of the Communist Party, and was once a supporter of Marxism as well as a member of the New Left in the 1960s. Horowitz later renounced his “left-wing political radicalism” and became an advocate for conservatism.  You can read more about him here.

An under-appreciated fact about the war on terror is that America itself is a primary base of Islamic terrorist operations. America has functioned as a prime organizing site for international terrorism because the liberties provided by the American legal system allow terrorists to travel freely, raise money, propagandize, recruit, and move men and money across international borders. Terrorist organizers, including the leaders of al Qaeda, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have all traveled extensively in the United States, raised funds, recruited soldiers and sent emissaries back and forth across America’s borders. This makes control of borders and other immigration issues a crucial front in the anti-terrorist war.(emphasis mine)

Not surprisingly, the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and associated legal experts like David Cole are also fierce opponents of border control and immigration security. They are leaders of the movement to open America’s borders and to establish rights for illegal immigrants that would blur the distinction (emphasis mine) between citizens and non-citizens and extend the protections of the Constitution to the latter. Since 9/11, this movement, which includes dozens of radical organizations, has targeted every effort by the Homeland Security Department under the Patriot Act to strengthen America’s borders.[20]

The principal financier of the open borders movement is the Ford Foundation.  Its $11 billion in assets makes it the largest dispenser of “philanthropic” dollars in the world. On the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Ford Foundation published a newsletter interview with David Cole about his new book (also Ford funded) Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism. The Ford grant to underwrite Cole’s book was intended to “safeguard human rights and civil liberties of non-U.S. citizens and to inform policy makers and the public about these issues.” The Ford newsletter warned that, “Cole’s fight has taken on new urgency, as the government has detained thousands of Arab-American and Muslim men, held hundreds of ‘enemy combatants’ without trial, charges or access to legal representation, and endorsed racial profiling in terrorism cases.”

Wow.  At least we haven’t rounded up ALL  Muslims and put them in camps like we did the Japanese Americans during WW2.  But that’s not enough for these “Progressives”.  I see their reasoning for wanting the border open now.  I watch this “blurring of distinctions” going on all the time. The far left wants to close Guantanamo and bring the terrorists here so they can have our Constitutional protections.  These are people who don’t want to be a part of our society; they hate it and want to destroy it. Why would we give them the rights of our own citizens? Why should we be expected to? They are not and have no intention of applying for U.S. citizenship.  This makes no Constitutional sense at all.  But I’ll bet these same far leftists believe in killing all the innocent babies they can through abortion, while at the same time being very concerned about the “comforts” and “rights” of these foreign terrorists. This defies explanation, it requires suspension of disbelief,etc. These are they who say wrong is right, and right is wrong.  Let’s not allow Common Sense to die in our country.


4 thoughts on “Open Borders…Who Wants Them?

  1. Wow Kathy! What a fantastic post! You have really been reading and learning a lot. I think you are right, and support your theory.

    You know, I keep coming back to either: 1) the “progressives” are living in a dream world and have absolutely NO common sense; or, 2) their purposeful intent is to destroy American. It’s looking more and more like the second one to me.

    Great post!

  2. Yeah…I spend way too much time reading on the internet. Horowitz is the one who is nailing the far left…and who would know better than he, having been a proponent of that ideology in a former life. Thanks, Pup, for your support and friendship.
    As for the far left, they want control and power. I don’t believe they would consciously team up with radical Islam, but they deceive themselves if they think their own goals are not the same. Coddling terrorists probably comes under the heading of treason, ie. giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It bears watching.

  3. Extremely well put and I agree with Kathy, you have done your homework.

    This now is the same administration who doesn’t believe in the “individual rights” granted by our Constitution, but instead wants to stress “group rights”

    As you quoted, the US does have terrorists freely walking among us. We have enough domestic ones. Allowing foreign ones to come here and spread their hate, and then utilizing our Constitution to protect them like they are citizens is just plain wrong.

    What next, take our guns so we cannot defend ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic, and invoke tyrannical policies and programs which we will have to live by or risk being jailed or worse, executed?

    Lord help us…

  4. Hello again argis06, I believe I did hear something about some federal gun regulations being in that so-called stimulus bill, you know, the bill that no one got to read before they voted on it? I will have to look up the references, but I did see something the other day about that. The Aussies handed in their guns and guess what…the violence has gone up…because the criminals didn’t hand theirs in…duh?!
    UPDATE: I may have misspoke about gun regulations IN the stimulus bill…it’s a bill going on while the stimulus bill is being written. It looks like Senate bill 22 is the name of it…I will find more info and post, but here is one link

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