There’s a Movement Going On…

…Yes, it’s called the “states’ rights movement”…at least that’s what I’m calling it. I see something happening and I’m wondering…is this in response to what’s going on in Washington?  Are states now taking action to affirm and protect themselves from large central government?  It certainly looks that way to me.  Now I would have to spend a bunch of time doing some studying to try to explain all the details, so I will just point the reader in the  direction where he can go read and make up his own mind.  The site where I first learned about this is at  Here’s the link to the specific post about the  New Hampshire resolution.  At I found more states starting initiatives for this and various other bills.  It looks like some of them are introducing bills making it mandatory that a candidate produce his birth certificate…obviously this indicates they are wanting to avoid the uncertainty that seems to be in certain sectors concerning President Obama’s birthplace.  I find this all very intriguing…and comforting.  The states are standing up to a bloated federal government.  Wow.  Michigan, Arizona, Oklahoma, Washington, Missouri are others who are introducing state sovereignty resolutions.  You gotta’  read about this!

Missouri regarding FOCA




Montana regarding firearms regulations

Georgia regarding their Constitutional Convention, School Vouchers, and proof citizenship for voting


4 thoughts on “There’s a Movement Going On…

  1. Great, thanks for posting this! I knew Oklahoma had done this and was really proud of “our” folks. I’m really glad that several other states are doing it. It IS curious, isn’t it? Will be interesting to follow.

  2. I believe we should create a replacement Senate and Congress, made up of common citizens – neighbors, community members.

    Until we retake the campaign process and flush the corrupt toilet that is our national government, we are destined to slavery to special interests and large corporations.

    NO population can justify or survive what has been done to us. We have lost our trademarks, our markets and our manufacturing base. The actions of the “paid for” legislative branch of our nation must simply be made null and void. Wrest control from the corporate interests and take control of our country again.

    We must, industry by industry, regain local production and control of our core products and the items we buy and sell.

    Think people – Schwinn, Singer, Speidel, Timex, Bulova, Zenith, Magnavox, General Electric, all gone. You can’t even BUY a USA consumer product in most stores.

    Revolution – economic revolution, by democratic means. At the community and state level we must simply repatriate first our markets, then our precious legacy of trademarks and industrial infrastructure, and regain absolute ownership of our natural resources.

    Only by creating a citizen’s uprising of this sort can we survive. The Boston Tea Party is the process – and a cross-cultural non-partisan absence of cooperation is the only recourse we have. No more outside influence that is not accountable to the PEOPLE of this United STATES of America.

    Corporations are not CITIZENS people – they must be removed from the halls of power permanently.

    We took action once – but look at how our government, our media lashes out at modern countries that take back what is rightfully theirs. Vietnam, Iran, Venezuela… they retook control of their core assets.

    Only greed and avarice justifies our lack of support for economic freedom and local economic welfare worldwide. We are being herded like sheep – away from liberty and into cages of poverty and hunger.

  3. Hello John and thanks for commenting. I’ve been thinking Boston Tea Party for a long time myself. There is a clause in the Declaration of Independence, “that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organising its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. ” I have wondered if we are at that point. I do believe the Dems are totally motivated to push their radical agenda through and retain Dem control forever if they could, making this a one party country.

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