Mark To Market…What Is It?

I have been hearing this term for some time now.  I first heard it back in the fall as an answer to the credit crisis.  This morning I heard Steve Forbes bring it up again.  He said if the SEC would just drop this artificial accounting rule, he guaranteed that credit would start to flow.  So what is mark-to-market?  I found some links where you can go learn something about this.  Suspending this accounting rule sounds like a very easy way to start things moving again, rather than spending almost a trillion dollars.  But I suspect the new administration is not that interested in an easy, quick, Inexpensive way to get things going again.  Be informed and stay informed!

Dave Ramsey’s take

Steve Forbes on Fox

More From Steve Forbes on CNN

Special Report

Newt Gingrich On The Record

Informed Trades video

Sarbanes Oxley Act

More on Sarbanes Oxley

Wikipedia on Sarbanes Oxley


2 thoughts on “Mark To Market…What Is It?

  1. I am so glad you posted this. I have heard this term a lot, and like you, didn’t know what it meant. I’m going to look at these videos tomorrow morning, got to go to bed now, but can’t wait to watch them.

    I really like that you put that quote by Raum E. in your sidebar!

  2. Hi pup, the quote by Rahm may come and go. Right now, I just wanted it where I could get my hands on it if needed! The videos are totally enlightening about this 2002 act of Congress.

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