A Nice Breath of Fresh Air…

My friend over at the Conservative Pup wrote a post about some of the good things happening in our world.  I would just like to add some for the record today.

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)  has announced from the Senate floor that he will not be voting for the Employee Free Choice Act (also known as Card Check), thereby frustrating the necessary 60 votes needed by the Democrats to push aside the privilege of the secret ballot for employees considering unionization.  Read more here.

The prayers must be working.  A sign of sanity in our Congress.  Thank You, Lord.

Here’s another one…65 Dem Congressmen tell Obama ‘hands-off our guns’



One thought on “A Nice Breath of Fresh Air…

  1. Thanks for the mention, appreciate it. And I’m glad about Specter’s correct decision AND the smart Dems taking that stand against more gun restrictions. You’re right, the prayers are working!

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