The Government Controlling Health Care Costs?

Now I’m ROFL.  When has centralized government ever been efficient at controlling costs?  Who in America actually believes that they can?

Run, don’t walk, right on over to this link at The Weekly Standard and read this report by Jeffrey Anderson. It seems that in the president’s desire to provide all Americans with health care and “reduce the costs” of health care over all, some facts have been overlooked by the congress and the president.  This guy has done his homework.

Consider  the fact that our current government-run program for the elderly, by paying lower prices for health care services (reducing costs) has consequently been one of the the reasons that health care is more expensive for the rest of us, because health care providers have to recoup these costs from the rest of us.  We are already paying for others’ health care. Consider that anything that is government-run has never been less expensive, but always more, far more expensive.  That is a given. Look at history.

After reading this article I’m wondering if the real agenda doesn’t go something like this:

“The real goal is control of all the income (mine and yours) in the United States.  Let’s see, how best to do this…if we provide everyone with free healthcare, we will definitely have to raise taxes and take more of their income.  So in the name of reducing costs, we will actually increase costs. If we do everything for the citizens, we can probably have control of at least 70-80% of their income like some other countries do.  But should we really leave them with 20-30%? Hmm…that is something to consider.”

The outcome of this scenario will be substandard health care, waiting lines, substandard doctors (they might even be able to get a degree online), and citizens with no incentive to do anything or make it better.  There will be no private investment in inventions and research because no one will have any money.  The rich will have been totally soaked.  And I’ll bet those in the “ruling classes” will be able to “opt out” of paying taxes, just like we’ve seen recently in the president’s cabinet nominations.  Or, they’ll receive so many “perks” (ie bribes) that it will offset what they might have to pay. Just ask some of our European friends about their government-run health care systems and their high tax rates.  If Medicare is any model, we should be running away as fast as we can.  I used to work for a company who only handled Medicare and Medicaid (state) accounts.  She had to go out of business.  I always wondered how that company made any money. Now it seems…they didn’t.


2 thoughts on “The Government Controlling Health Care Costs?

  1. I could not agree more with you. And I also believe, like you, that the true and ultimate goal is simply power and control. As long as people do not rely on government, as long as we pay our own way and earn our own keep, their power is limited. They must make all of us dependent on government for everything, and when that day comes, their power grab will be complete.

    Dependency=powerlessness. I cannot understand why only half the country gets this.

    Great post, Kathy!

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