Some Thoughts About The Current “Crisis”

I hear the sound of a new uproar.  Since President Obama authorized the release of memos of terrrorist interrogation techniques, fuel has been added to otherwise smoldering embers.  So just why did he authorize their release when he said previously he had no interest in prosecuting the former administration?  I hear it’s in the interest of  “transparency”.  If that is so, #1. It’s “transparency” about the former administration, which does the current administration no damage.  That’s convenient.  #2. If that is so, I find it quite ironic since there are so many other  current areas where the current administration is unwilling to be “transparent”.  So are they for “transparency” when it is convenient for them?

I will propose another possible theory.

The current economic crisis has brought a response from the current administration, which in some estimations, is overkill.  At the same time it is believed by some that this administration is using the economic “crisis”, thinking it a very strategic  time to push forward a very big-government agenda, definitely taking us back to the days of Franklin Roosevelt and perhaps further into a socialistic type of government system.  This “crisis mode” is a very handy thing to have around for a new government.  Rahm Emmanuel and Hilary Clinton both have declared that a crisis cannot go, in their terms, “to waste”.  This has brought a subsequent response from those Americans of a more conservative mindset, who believe that the foundations of our country, its Constitution and freedoms ought not be tampered with, that big government brings big taxes and that the private sector is the way the restore jobs in a faltering economy.

I am wondering if the wave of the economic “crisis’ has crested and a new “crisis” is needed to help things along.  The newspapers and television programs will be constantly, and I do mean constantly, talking and writing about the new discussion on the former administration’s handling of interrogations.  This could occcupy headlines for weeks and if investigations are begun and trials start, this could last, whoa, a Very Long Time.

So I propose this to those who are paying attention:  do not be swayed by any of this and do not worry about how enlightened our enemies now are…just be watching what the “left hand” (ha!..and I do mean Left) is doing, because, be assured…that hand is always planning and doing something while we, the American people are otherwise preoccupied.  It’s a pretty good strategy.  Stay alert and watchful.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts About The Current “Crisis”

  1. You are so right about this. I foresee “crisis” after “crisis” for the next four years. I hope and pray that they won’t fool around and cause irreparable damage. I think the current swine flu “crisis” was used to get Sebelius confirmed. We were in the midst of a health crisis, therefore, had to have her confirmed as quickly as possible. I heard Brownback say that he voted for her in light of the current swine flu “crisis.”

    Great post.

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