Where Are The Wise Men?

No, I am not speaking of the astrologers from the Christmas story. I am speaking of men of wisdom, of the the caliber of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry (Give me liberty or give me death), John Adams,  and the others who bravely signed their names to a Declaration of Independence from Britain that put their lives, their families, their names and their fortunes at risk.  Men willing to sacrifice their all for a vision of a new country as they fought a war with all the odds against them.  But like Martin Luther King, who took risks fighting his own kind of war for freedom, they had a dream.

Oh… I know where some of them are…they are in training…they are overseas fighting for our country at this moment. They are the young men risking their lives at this very moment.  Some wise men still reside here.  There are many scattered around in our federal, state and local governments.

They are not in our White House.  With our economy in a mess and millions out of work in our nation, this man, at great expense to our nation, flies in a pizza maker from St. Louis to the White House, to prepare him pizza.  This man lives off the nation.  Yes, he deserves to be paid for the job he does, but he does not deserve to live off the backs of the American people, all the while making their future existence more bleak by spending and printing money, which will cause the value of our money to spiral downward.  This man has never served in a war, never put at risk his life, his fortunes and his reputation for freedom’s cause.  He has grown up in a free and prosperous America.  He has served his own political cause, by stepping on the backs of those whom he would later discard once they had served his purpose. Just ask some who used to be his friends in Illinois.

We live in a country that, because of the sacrifices of those who went before, has gained great privileges in life.  We have food, clothing and lots of things.  We are definitely a bit (or a lot) spoiled compared to the rest of the world.  We have luxury and ease.  I have not fought in a national war of any kind, first, because there was none.  But there is a lot to be said of a character forged in adversity and hardship.  And we may most certainly get the chance to encounter adversity and hardship again  if our current president has his way.  The things he is doing now have all been tried before….and they have failed and caused more economic calamity.  Where is wisdom that learns from past experiments?  George Santayana said, “Those who forget history are destined to repeat it.” But if true American history has been removed from our classrooms, then our younger generations have no true history to forget…it has been “deleted”,  replaced with a more “progressive” version.

Lets get back to basics and the values our nation was founded on.  Let’s teach ourselves and our children anew what the real purpose of America is and what it stands for.  I for one am reading the Constitution, the founding documents,  and other history about the founders.  It has been too long since high school; I have forgotten things. Some will say I am not very “progressive”, but at least I will understand our founding documents and the things that have made our nation the great one that it is.  And let’s “grow” new “wise men”, children who will understand what makes America truly great…character, values, hard work, and respect for others. Sacrificial blood has been spilled  for preserving freedom,  values,  and this country; let us not allow it to be spilled in vain.


2 thoughts on “Where Are The Wise Men?

  1. What a wonderful post, Kathy! I love this, great job!

    I heard someone say the other night on Sean’s show, that we didn’t so much elect Obama, as they cast him. He just doesn’t show me much character, and it slips out in the smallest ways. Speaking sarcastically about a news network that “doesn’t like me very much” and about the teaparties. A bigger man would not feel the need to say anything.

    Good work on this, I needed this.

  2. Wow! I had no idea you felt this way. I thought all were in love with the Pres. Your blog is very informational and well written! Thanks for the information! I have bookmarked it for further investigation!

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