New Book, Anatomy of a Meltdown

“It’s the truth about the economic crisis that you don’t get from CNBC or the usual suspects. It defends the free market against the extremely unfortunate conventional wisdom that the meltdown we’ve observed represents the collapse of the free market. It is no such thing. This is to the contrary a government- and Federal Reserve-instigated crisis from beginning to end. It is extremely important for people who believe in the free market and in a free society to know how to defend themselves, to know what the arguments are, in order that we might resist the expansion of government power that will take place using this crisis as a pretext.”—Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Run, don’t walk right over to and read this column by Bill Steigerwald. He interviews  Mr. Woods, the author of the book, who explains in simple, clear, concise terms how we got here financially and what the answer is. This column is a must read and I’m sure the book is too.


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