The Beat-Ing Goes On…

It seems the stimulus bill has protectionist, “buy American”,  regulations attached to it for businesses receiving from government coffers. This is already sparking a retaliatory trade war with our neighbor to the north. You gotta read this item over at the Washington Post. Talk about confusing and stupid.  How much more destruction can our country take?

Hurry up, states, with your Tenth Amendment resolutions.  Quickly, national grand juries, before we end up in a depression.


2 thoughts on “The Beat-Ing Goes On…

  1. Ugh! This is just one more example of how messed up things get when government tries to run them. When has government ever run anything efficiently, or made good and wise business decisions! Short-sightedness is the norm, and it is so frustrating.

    Thanks for posting this, Kathy. Good article. And maddening.

  2. Hi Pup, thanks for reading and commenting…I guess we’ll just have trust and pray that God is still in control of our nation. There are little glimmers of hope…

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