Is There a New “Crisis” Brewing?

After the President’s attempt today to pre-empt former VP Dick Cheney’s previously scheduled speech at the AEI, I would think the president would be looking for some other event to change the subject in the news media.  This speech making by the former vp has got to be nerve-wracking.  And the nerve he has of calling for the release of the rest of the memos that might redeem the former administration’s national security actions.  The nerve!

This back and forth has been going on for a while now…and after today, well, let’s just say, if it was me, I might want the subject to just go away by whatever means.  I’m just sayin’…         Former VP Cheney is not backing down and his arguments are measured, rational, and reasonable.  The polls show his favorable ratings are going up…something I didn’t know they did for a former vp.

I don’t think I can wait to see what happens next week…there’s also that ACORN investigation going on too….

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