ACORN Manifesto

The Preamble to the ACORN Manifesto

“We stand for a People’s Platform, as old as our country, and as young as our dreams. We come before our nation, not to petition with hat in hand, but to rise as one people and demand.

We have waited and watched. We have hoped and helped. We have sweated and suffered. We have often believed. We have frequently followed.

But we have nothing to show for the work of our hand, the tax of our labor. Our patience has been abused; our experience misused. Our silence has been seen as support. Our struggle has been ignored.

Enough is enough. We will wait no longer for the crumbs at America’s door. We will not be meek, but mighty. We will not starve on past promises, but feast on future dreams.

We are an uncommon people. We are the majority, forged from all minorities. We are the masses of many, not the forces of few. We will continue our fight until the American way is just one way, until we have shared the wealth, until we have won our freedom.

This is not a simple vision, but a detailed plan.

Our plan is to build an American reality from the American rhetoric, to deliver a piece of the present and the fruits of the future to every man, to every woman, to every family.

We demand our birthright: the chance to be rich, the right to be free.

Our riches shall be the blooming of our communities, the bounty of a sure livelihood, the beauty of homes for our families with sickness driven from the door, the benefit of our taxes rather than their burden, and the best of our energy, land, and natural resources for all people.

Our freedom is the force of democracy, not the farce of federal fat and personal profit. In our freedom, only the people shall rule. Corporations shall have their role; producing jobs, providing products, paying taxes. No more, no less. They shall obey our wishes, respond to our needs, serve our communities. Our country shall be the citizens’ wealth and our wealth shall build our country.

Government shall have its role: public servant to our good, fast follower to our sure steps. No more, no less. Our government shall shout with the public voice and no longer to a private whisper. In our government, the common concerns shall be the collective cause.

We represent a people’s platform, not a politician’s promise.

We demand the changes outlined in our platform and plan. We will work to win. We will have our birthright. We will live in richness and freedom. We will live in one country as one people.”

ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Renewal Now.


5 thoughts on “ACORN Manifesto

  1. They are truly scary and very corrupt. I saw the director or whatever her title on O’Reilly tonight. I expected more fireworks. They were very respectful of each other, but said the taxpayers have no right to expect an audit of the thier books.

  2. Hi JACG (short for your whole big long name), Yep, I saw her too, and while I thought the two were pretty respectful, they did give the runaround. They were probably told what to say before they ever went on. Rumor has it that the president and his men have told ACORN to get this under control. They don’t want it coming their way.
    Ain’t it always the way….get the taxpayer’s money…but by golly, I don’t owe you (the taxpayer) an accounting of it…sigh.

  3. President O is definitely into class warfare…that’s his M.O. We’ve seen it since day one. This manifesto shows that ACORN is definitely about that and that is what O did while a community organizer, defined as one of the best students they ever had…see my post from March 2, 2009, What Do You Think Is Going On..Part 2. It quotes a guy names Kruglik who trained O in community organizing skills.

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