No Slobbering Press In The U.K.

Wow.  You gotta hand it to the Brits.  There is no fawning, no slobbering over our new President.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  Now that we have properly insulted them with the less than warm reception of Gordon Brown and the strange gifts, along with the return of the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House, the British press are refusing to deny and overlook the cloddishness and what looks like extreme ignorance of the current first family.  U.S. press secretary Robert Gibbs has even gotten in the fray.  See post here. And then there is the corresponding reply of Brit James Delingpole to him here.

Gerald Warner comments provocatively (some would say) on the Notre “Shame” debacle here and calls the president a “pantywaist” in his comments on our new foreign policy in this telling post here. According to reports, millions of Americans are tuning in to the British news sources because our press corp is so busy trying to placate the president with their “unbiased” reporting, they can’t conjure up any true investigative journalism.

Break out the popcorn and get ready for the show…I think it’s going to be one long, very interesting summer.

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