Atlas Shrugged…

I know, I know…I said I was reading Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism first and I started it. Then I picked up Atlas Shrugged just to take a peek…now I’m hooked and can’t quit reading it. Ayn Rand is quite wordy…I must confess to getting tired of the in depth descriptions and so sometimes I just kind of scan over them so I can move on in the plot.  But I do love how deeply she portrays her characters.

I must say this book is dark to the point of evil (speaking of human nature) and depressing to be downright frank.  The evil I am speaking of is the inordinate and continued willful control exercised by corrupt  governmental characters and their cronies in the book.  And it’s not like a little control is satisfactory.  It’s a bit like a cat that has  a mouse cornered.  No matter which direction the mouse goes, there’s the cat, waiting, watching and salivating, ready to take a bite. The human impulse is to survive and that’s why the entrepreneurial people in the book keep trying, but like the mouse, there is no way out, no matter how hard they try.  That’s what I mean by dark and depressing.

The other characters in the book are those who contribute nothing…they are the whiners and complainers, who live on the good fortune of others, but all the while imparting no thanks, no compliments, no gratitude for what those who work do for them; they actually spend their time degrading and debasing their benefactors.  The class warfare system is in full play.  The characters from the government accuse the entrepreneurs of “selfishness” because they work to make a profit.  The prevailing mindset of the society is that the profits are for your “neighbor” and that is the purpose of your work, to support the others…the others who don’t work, won’t work, or can’t work.  The whiners and complainers repeatedly make speeches throughout the book to this effect, all the while heaping guilt upon those who work because they must; they have something to give, and they wish to make money.

I am half way through and at this point, I do get how the title came about…but I won’t share that just yet.

This book, to me, shows the end result of the path our current administration would like to lead us on.  Government takes increasing control over all of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of its people by taking control over all the industry and business.  It is a dark and depressing world Ayn Rand has  portrayed.  Things break down and can’t get fixed, no one has any pride in what they do, because doing right is no longer rewarded; people’s lives are at stake as a result.  I have been wondering when that would be coming in the book and now I have just read about the  really big train accident that didn’t have to happen…but it did because no one took responsibility for anything.  Yes, it’s a very dark world Ms. Rand paints.  I don’t ever want to live there.

5 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged…

  1. Loved that book! I read it when I was in my early 20’s and it has made a lasting impression on me. Though my family is conservative (except for an art professor uncle and his three kids), I think Atlas Shrugged implanted the priciples of conservatism into the deepest part of me. Truth has a way.

    I think when I finish the stack of books waiting for me on my nightstand and elsewhere in the house — there are about ten of them — I will buy and re-read this one. Thanks for the reminder of how great it is!

  2. Hi Pam, Thanks for leaving a comment. I like a remark about Ayn Rand’s philosophy at the back of the book…that capitalism was the most moral economic system there was, because of the freedom of the individual. I agree with her that it is the most moral…to take away individual freedom is not moral and leads to more immorality. Without an intervention of God and people of good faith and patriotism, I see our country becoming “Atlas Shrugged”. I am optimistic though…I think we needed a wake up call! Patriotism is back in style! We need to study our Constitutions!
    I stopped over at your blog…great posting and good luck on the support of your new senatorial candidate.

  3. Kathy, Am new to Twitter and I thought I sent a msg to you but never saw it. I first read Atlas Shrugged in 1966 and like everyone else was deeply impressed. The whole time I was reading it I was thinking how relevant itwas to President Johnson’s GREAT SOCIETY. I just finished reading it for a second time and this time it seemed so relevant to what is happening to our country under Obama. I am currently reading The 5000 Year Leap about the constitution. Also have become more aware of the Federal Reserve and now Obama is giving it even more power. Very alarming but I do feel that Obama is where he is because our God wants him there.

  4. Hi Barb, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I haven’t heard of the 5000 Year Leap about the constitution. Who is it by?
    I believe God has a perfect will and a permissive will, things he allows because man presses Him for it, but it may not be His perfect desire for us. An example would be the Israelites wanting a king when God did not want them to have one, but he relented and gave them one, who didn’t turn out to be so great! Still, all things work together for the good of those who love Him…

    This is my first time reading Atlas Shrugged. I have not read a fiction novel in years, can’t remember the last time. I would definitely read more of Ayn Rand’s books.

    As far as Twitter goes, all you need to do is follow me, I’ll get a message…I usually check who is following me and if their tweets look interesting, I will reciprocate. Try it again.

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