Michelle Bachmann and the 2010 Census…

Michelle Bachmann will be refusing to completely fill out the 2010 census forms.  I’m joining her.  Read her reasons here. Michelle Bachmann is a U.S. representative from Minnesota.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann and the 2010 Census…

  1. The unfortunate thing with her is that she has said things that are inaccurate in the past, so much of what she says now gets drowned out. She is right, ACORN should be no where near the census. She needs to get other people on board.

  2. Hi Conservative Girl.. I did post this on Smart Girl Politics blog so it will get out there, in fact, someone else posted about it after I did.

  3. Well that is good to hear. I am working on post about Acorn’s award dinner last night. What is even more distrubing than Acorn, is the politicians that are more than willing to close a blind eye to what they are doing. I have sent my senators a letter about them. For all the good that will do; one of my senators is a good buddy of Obama, even rumored to be on the short list for VP.

  4. Just where will you be posting that article on ACORN? Your name doesn’t link anywhere.
    Does it seem like corruption is everywhere in our government and no one is doing anything about it?
    If you read my last post about Atlas Shrugged, the instances of “crimes” in the township I referenced are in my very own township! My friend tried to challenge it at various levels of government and got nowhere.

  5. I am keeping an eye on Rep. Bachmann; I really like her and hope she gets to play a big role in the future of our country. I heard about this somewhere the other day, and thought to myself, “Alright! Someone at least is speaking out.”

  6. Hey Pup, Judge Napolitano was on Beck’s program today. He concurred with what Michelle said…the Constitution only requires a head count…how many are in your household. Of course, the govt. threatens fines if you don’t fill the whole thing out…but I won’t pay the fine either.

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