No More ACORN?

Per Frank Lutz this a.m. on Fox….ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Renewal Now  are changing their name.  Apparently they are concerned about all the publicity they have been receiving lately.  Their new name will be Community Organizing International.  Take note, so that you will know who they are, because the leadership has not changed and their lack of transparency about where taxpayer funding goes has not changed.

Where’s the Inspector General when you need him?  Or is everyone afraid to investigate this group?  Probably more so, now that we see what happened to Gerald Walpin when he dared to touch a friend of the president’s. Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly of Fox have been investigating this group and predicted that they would “go underground”.  This may not be exactly underground, but it’s definitely an effort to avoid the spotlight that has recently been shined upon them.  Cockroaches run like crazy when you turn on the lights.

Update:  Read more here.

4 thoughts on “No More ACORN?

  1. “A nut by any other name…..” will still be the same old ACORN. They probably won’t even change their letterhead.

    At least enough light has been shone on them that they feel they need to do this. That’s encouraging to me; the left is so stupid sometimes that they think we will all forget about ACORN if they just change the name. They really think we are pretty dumb.

    Great post!

  2. Hey pup, yes it is encouraging. Beck and O’Reilly are the reason you know. Cause they are the only ones turning on the lights! I also saw another article today…Wade Rathke is globe trotting starting community organizing groups all over the world. So I think…he must somehow be getting paid for all of this…follow the money…cause that is what it’s all about. Wonder if he’ll go up there to France and community organize with all the young muslims who started all that trouble awhile back…I would not be surprised at all. After all it IS about taking from those who work hard and have something….

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