Common Sense Idea

The House of Representatives passed the cap and tax bill 219-212 tonight.  I’m wondering how much pork was in the bill to troll for votes.  I did read that ethanol got “special protection” so that farm district reps in Minnesota would go for it.  Fortunately, my rep voted against it, so I guess he gets to stay in office.  44 Democrats voted against it, and 8 Republicans voted for it.

This bill in its current form (it now has to go to the Senate) would damage our economy even more, would eliminate more jobs than it can possibly create, and is going to raise the cost of energy from $3000 to $12,000 per year per household, according to CBO (Congressional Budge Office) estimates. I’m not looking forward to paying more for heating and cooling.  And it’s based on a lie, a hoax.

I have a great idea… how about if we all buy copies of Glenn’s Common Sense book and mail them to our reps and sens?  It would be like… kind of a message, don’t ya’ think?

Update:  I heard that Obama’s estimate of how much energy costs would go up for most people is approximately the cost of a postage stamp per week for most people.  That really doesn’t seem to match his pre-election statement about causing the cost of electricity to “skyrocket” which is the word he used in this context.  The administration is on record as disagreeing with the CBO’s estimates.  I suppose the point is, how much of his rhetoric can we believe?


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