Personal Responsibility…

I’m going to break my anonymity.

I used to belong to Al-Anon.  It doesn’t really matter why I was there; let’s just say I was perfectly qualified to be there…and that’s a good thing.  The reason I’m telling you this is because at the end of every meeting after the prayer was said…we always said in unison, “It works if you work it”.   Al-Anon has spiritual principles, the same ones as AA does.   A few of these are taking responsibility, admitting your own inability, taking your own moral inventory and not someone else’s, asking forgiveness, seeking wisdom in relationship with God, etc. The principles work, if you work them.  And they will work for anyone, no matter their station in life.  The Bible has principles that work…if you work them.  It doesn’t just land on you.

I think the principles our country was founded on, freedom of the individual, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, free enterprise, the laws of the Constitution, also work and always have, but they require something, just like the Al-Anon program.  The principles are like a road map, showing you the way to get somewhere.  But you won’t get there if you just sit staring at the road map…you have to get in the car and go where the map says to go. You have to do something.

I look at the quote on my sidebar by John Adams about the Constitution,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.—-John Adams, and I wonder why it (the Constitution) is not working.  I think I know the answer…because no one in authority who is supposed to, is working it. They are not consulting the principles, the roadmap, or whatever one chooses to call it.  They are not consulting the law and following it.  They are doing what they want to do. According to John Adams, only a moral and religious people could live under our Constitution because they would be the only ones who could uphold it.  Those who wish to throw off restraint, those who do not care to live by principles cannot live by the Constitution.  That is why we are seeing so much corruption, so much breaking of the laws of the land going on in our government.  Those who are lawless cannot live by the law. They are morally corrupt.

For instance, Senator Robert Byrd has written a letter to the president that his appointment of all of the czars who are allowed to bypass Congress and who are accountable to no one but the president is unconstitutional.  Our president claims to be a scholar of the Constitution.  Do we really believe he doesn’t know this?   His recent firing of an independent Inspector General in violation of the law which he himself as a senator had supported is another instance of lawlessness. I could go on, but I won’t.

So for all of you out there who are waiting and looking for someone to come rescue YOU from some consequence of your dumb choices, for those of you who think government is the answer to all of your problems, I feel profoundly sorry for you, for you live in a make-believe world with the mindset of the looters and the haters of Atlas Shrugged.  You have traded in your power as a human being to succeed with all of the talents and abilities that God has given you.  You now support the looting and demoralizing of the people who work and think and use their abilities to make their own lives (and yours too) better.  (In AA, it’s called taking the easier, softer way.) And to those who might still be attempting to “save” the aforementioned ones, I say, “Get out of the way and let them fail” because once they fail, they as well as all of us have a chance to keep our country the land of the free.  In Al-Anon and AA we called that “hitting bottom”.  And once a person hits bottom, the only way left is up.  I say let it come.

4 thoughts on “Personal Responsibility…

  1. Great post and you are right – principles need to be acted upon to have any meaning. “It works if you work it” is such a cliche because it is true.

  2. Great great post!! Appreciate your breaking your anonymity to share these powerful thoughts with us. It does “work if you work it.” And hitting bottom is REQUIRED in order to begin to recover. I’ve long thought that this nation, under the guidance of the Democratic party over the decades, has become a nation of enablers. The Democratic party is the party of enablers, enabling Americans to remain in poverty, remain under-educated, and stay uninspired to achieve. The Democrats want Americans to be totally co-dependent with their government, with the government in the “care-giver” role, and all us citizens in the role of the one who needs the care.

    Having learned myself personally what a losing and totally non-productive mechanism this is, I can’t stand to see it permeate our society. Thanks for writing this, great post, Kathy!

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