Health Care Question…

I have several observations and thoughts about health care, but I need to do some study and gathering of my thoughts, facts and figures.  To start the ball rolling, though, I thought I would throw this one out first (I am being a bit facetious since this isn’t anyone’s main concern):

When our government run health care system’s quality matches that of Canada and other countries, where will their people go to pay for private quality care?  Where will a Canadian go when they are diagnosed with a cancer and can’t get treatment for 6 mos. to a year? Where will the king of Syria and other heads of state go? “Cause right now, they all come here.

Oh… maybe I just got the answer to that one:  they’ll get to go to the head of the line like our own dear Senators and Representatives.  Yeh, that must be it.  And then YOU have to wait even longer.  If anyone doesn’t think this will happen, you are in a delirious state of denial. I saw somewhere? yesterday that there is pressure for Congress to sign up for this new government run health care plan.  As of then, several republicans had said they would go for it, but not one Democrat.  Hmmm…do the Dems know something they’re not telling the rest of us?

I heard that under one country’s systen, when you first sign up for the health care, you have to wait 3 years just to get a general doctor.  As to stats (and again I will have to look this up and get the references), I heard this morning that our survival rate of prostate cancer in this country is 90% and some other country with government health care, had a survival rate of about 50%.  I have been hearing some of these cancer survival stats lately and there is an obvious difference.  Obviously, our health care system, in regards to quality, is the best in the world.  I guess you get what you pay for, but do we really want the government making decisions as to what type of treatment your kids or your husband, or your parents, gets?  My guess is that decision will be made by what is cost-effective for the Government and not based on what is best for YOU.

And what does all this have to do with the Constitution and rule of law anyway?


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