Watts Up With That?

I want to take some time today to explain who Anthony Watts is because what he reports on is important.  I have a link to Anthony’s blog on my sidebar.  It’s called Watts Up With That?.  He reports on climate change and methods of measuring climate.  Anthony is a former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and also operates a weather technology and content business, as well continuing his daily forecasting on radio. Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is his specialty.  I also have on my sidebar a feed widget that shows the first five posts on the blog and links to them.  Now that you know who he is, you know why this is important.

Our world has been taken over by the-sky-is-falling environmentalists who are fearful at every turn of the weather.  The fact that our government officials buy in to this hysteria could cost taxpayers  a ton of money if cap-and-trade legislation is implemented as well as dragging our economy even further down.  There is a movement of scientists and other weather specialists who are speaking out against this radical thinking.  Carbon dioxide (which they say is warming the earth) is something we humans breathe out.  It’s what the vegetation on the earth lives on.  Anthony and other authors on his blog provide an in depth and fact-filled look at weather and climate, weather agencies and their methods. This is important because Al Gore says the argument is settled; there is no more debate.  It’s important because those who disagree with the mass hysteria are being characterized at looney, crazy, etc.  This is how the radical far left attempts to quash debate.  So make sure to keep up with Anthony’s blog for the latest information on climate and link to him on your blog. It’s very interesting reading.


4 thoughts on “Watts Up With That?

  1. Good post Kathy! I plan on spending some time at his blog tonight. I think the left, at least some of them, don’t really buy into it either, but they see it as an opportunity to put in place policies that damage the free market. That is their ultimate goal, to destroy capitalism and the liberty of individuals that accompanies it. They are using this hysteria to do that.

    And you’re right, if you don’t believe as they do, you are called all kinds of names and told you are unbelievably backward by the ones who have been fooled and taken in.

  2. Hey Pup, Did you get a chance to peruse Anthony’s site? It’s good, isn’t it? I am glad I found him awhile back because I have learned so much from him.
    The true believers are so very deceived about this. I would hate to be Al Gore when the truth is finally put out there.

  3. Hi Opus#6, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I need to make a swing through the bloggers club too…when I have time…too much going on right now, but I am glad you came by.

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