This ‘N That…

It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged here.  Life has been busy, but the world out there keeps spinning.  I may just take readers on a ramble…

The great health care debate goes of today, there is news that 4 blue dog Democrats may be caving.  These are the fiscally conservative Democrats who believe that the country cannot afford all the government spending, which has seemed to be quite out of control lately.  I think these House Democrats are smart.  They also are hearing from their constituents and, gasp, may actually be listening!  I also hear that they feel a bit hung out to dry because they voted right with their party on the drastic, economy-ruining, job-killing cap and trade bill and then the Senate decided to sit on it for awhile, leaving those guys to hear from their centrist constituents about that vote.  I also understand that with the president’s popularity waning, this gives them more backbone.  Everyone should have a backbone no matter what the situation is, but if this helps them get one I’m all for it.

Michell Malkin’s new book, Culture of Corruption is out and looks to be quite a dicey read.  Glenn Beck thinks it will overtake his Common Sense read on the bestseller lists.  BTW, if you don’t watch Glenn, you should.  He’s the only guy I know drawing the charts and linking all the corrupt organizations that are taking taxpayer money to do their dirty work and how they all link back to the Obama administration.

I learned about a new czar last week, forgot which czar he is over.  Doesn’t matter ’cause whatever he is over he is scary.  He’s a guy by the name of Cass Sunstein and I read that he is popularly viewed as a possible Supreme Court nominee.  Get this…he thinks animals should have the right to sue people.

In his 2004 book, “Animal Rights,” he wrote: “Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives …”

Quoting from Julian, his opinion about this statement(you might have to read it in context to make a judgment, but I offer his take as another viewpoint):

“Accurate quote, but grossly misleading out of context. Sunstein was suggesting that in order to enforce animal cruelty laws already on the books, private parties might be given standing to bring civil actions against those who violate these existing laws, rather than leaving it up to government prosecutors to investigate and make cases. Judges could order plaintiffs to pay defendants attorneys fees in order to deter frivolous suits. I’m inclined to agree with his own characterization of this as a pretty modest reform proposal.”

But you have to admit, the statement just by itself presents a fairly stunning thought…

One of Mr. Sunstein’s publications is The Second Bill of Rights: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever (Basic Books 2004).  I haven’t read it, but I do find the title to be quite provocative.

And the last thing I will bring up is this dastardly mess with the Cambridge Police Department.  One wonders if it was just time to get the health care debate off the front page and change the conversation.  This news item has been going on for a week now and looks to last even longer.  Tomorrow (Thursday), the President is to “have a beer” with Sargent Crowley and the racist decrying professor Gates.  I hear it said it is to be a “teaching moment”.  I wonder who the teaching is for?  After the president made his uneducated remarks last week, he did try to walk back from them using lots of words that didn’t make much sense (I’m really sorry wasn’t used),but without quite admitting fault.  But gee, it’s so hard to do that in public.

Then there’s John Conyers…whining about the unrealistic expectation of reading the huge bills they all want to rush through congress without the assistance of two lawyers. Maybe times are hard for him right now since I think his wife has been convicted of some corruption and may be going to jail.

I heard about a lot of  money allocated, I believe it was billions, to build a turtle tunnel somewhere in the country.

One more thing…I heard that political correctness in our history books keeps marching on…no longer can the words “Founding Fathers” be used…something about the pesky Fathers thing…they can only use Founders now.

It’s another day in the neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “This ‘N That…

  1. $3 million for the “eco-passage” in florida. something about that area is the turtle road-kill capital of the world. Sick!!

    And now we are back to blaming bush. so it just goes on.

  2. Great post! Kathy, this is wonderful work; I hadn’t heard that about the Founding Fathers.

    There is so much going on, it’s hard to know where to begin. I intend to find out more about Sunstein; I read something a few days ago that didn’t sound good at all, but it wasn’t the animal rights thing, was something else.

    I love the way you wrote this. Great job!

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