They’re At It Again…

After 8 months of back and forth indecision about investigating allegations of CIA alleged “torture” a decision has finally been made…a special prosecutor has finally been appointed by Eric Holder at the DOJ…and this after the president said he wanted to look to the future.  Just who is running things in the White House after all? So here we go again.  Is anyone else as positive as I am that this is a wag-the-dog, change-the-conversation,  get-health-care-off-front-page-news, gimmick?

Now…don’t make me run my big comfy chair torture video again!  See it here.


3 thoughts on “They’re At It Again…

  1. This may have more to do with the deficit being higher than expected. They release that late Friday afternoon and low n’ behold first thing Monday morning they go back to putting the Bush administration front and center.

  2. Hi Conservative girl,

    Well, whatever it is, is sure looks like they want to change the subject…his poll numbers keep dropping. I say, just keep watching what the left hand is doing while something else is going on that is being reported in the news.

  3. I think you’re right. While we’re all focused on health care, which is a real threat too, they will quietly slip around behind the scenes and change a bunch of stuff without legislation. We have to be very vigilant and pay close attention, to more than one thing at a time.

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