Out Of The…Heart The Mouth Speaks..

So do you believe what the president said BEFORE he was elected?  Or after he was elected? If you  have any doubts about the intention of the currently proposed health care plan and this president…keep watching the video over and over and over…he did NOT equivocate. He did tell us what he wanted to do.


2 thoughts on “Out Of The…Heart The Mouth Speaks..

  1. This is really good. I’m going to link to it. It is SO OBVIOUS that he has no qualms about lying when the situation calls for it. What he said to the AMA was what he thought he needed to say. He has made his intentions clear, and I always think back to the statement I heard him say more than once during the campaign, “I want to fundamentally change America.”

    He did indeed tell us what his intent is.

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