Keeping An Eye on Things…

I just put a new category of links on my sidebar.  It could change over the course of time as the subject matter changes.  For now, I’m calling it Socialist Resources.  That’s because I came across a new website, thanks to my friend John over at Midnight Review.  He posted a picture on his site of the protesters who picketed the AIG executives.

acorn-cwf  anti-capitalist

I did my part by going to visit that website that is openly printed on their “grass roots” produced signage.  It’s interesting reading.  You should check it out and keep an eye on what the “enemies of the republic” are doing.  One of the events coming up in October is a Socialism Conference.  Looks like the title of the conference is “Capitalism is a Crime”.  And guess where it’s being held…in Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco.  I suppose it will be funded by…well, capitalists.  Isn’t that the way it always goes. And I guess the signs in the picture above will fit right in at the conference.  Is there any doubt that there is a movement of haters in America taking issue with the liberties that people have died for?

This morning I was pondering Mr. Obama’s puzzling interest in the “bad boy” leaders of the world, whose people live in oppression, poverty, and despair, while at the same time he openly and strangely “disses” our allies of democracy and freedom, England and Israel.  The thought came to me while I was thinking of the Iranian guy…If you make friends with a snake, there is no guarantee that YOU won’t get bitten.  The people in these signs?…they have no idea how long it will be before Obama throws them under the bus.  They are only tools and pawns in a war that is greater than even they can understand.

Check out the website on those signs…keep an eye on what the enemy is doing.

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