Interesting Video…

This is about the Gamaliel Foundation. You can go to their website to find out who they are, another group in the never ending chain of ACORN affiliations. Do we not think that followers of BO behave like cult followers? It’s somewhat eerie.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Video…

  1. Hi Cara, thanks for leaving a comment. I read your blog and I suppose that by the big picture, you mean the good things that ACORN does and the people it helps. Do I have that correct?
    ACORN can collect all the private funding it wants as long as people keep giving it to use to keep doing its work…but the $$ of taxpayers must not be abused…it is not fair or right and that is what this is about…the misuse of federal funding and loss of public trust. Surely you are not for that. And then there are all the other crimes caught on video, which I suppose, may be confined to a few places and a few people. Then there are the voter fraud investigations going on. The organization is receiving a black eye, whether justifiably or not. The actions of a few can certainly impact the whole.
    I caught an acquaintance of mine in a lie once…it put everything else she said under scrutiny. I could no longer trust her. Surely you can understand that.
    Stop by anytime.

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