In Other News…H1N1 and CBS Reports

After you recover from ROTFLYAO from reading the prior post (FYI, that means rolling on the floor laughing your #@& off), then you must zip on over here and read this report on the H1N1 flu progress.

It seems that sometime last night, in the night, or whenever, Barack Obama issued a national emergency report about the swine flu, declaring that it is now a national emergency.  I have been wondering when he would get around to that and I find it intensely interesting that he did it last night, in the night, or whenever.  You know what they say about those Friday afternoon news releases….well, they just don’t get much notice.  I mean this sounds really big and scary.  Most of the reporting I have heard this morning is that this is really just preparatory to bypass some Federal requirements so that things can run smoother and quicker.

But if you go read the item I linked to above…CBS news and the CDC are contradicting each other.  Huh?  I find this to be an interesting little conundrum.  You read it…then you decide.  Who do we believe? I’d like to know what is really going on.

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