NEA Endorses Rules For Radicals

Oh my. Does it get any stranger than this? The NEA, that’s the National Education Association, funded by YOUR taxpayer $$, has endorsed two books by Saul Alinsky, radical Marxist/socialist mentor to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  One is Rules for Radicals and the other is the Reveille For Radicals and there are links on their site to where to buy it. America just gets weirder and weirder by the day. Here’s the link to the page on the NEA website, again, paid for by YOUR tax dollars. If you need more information about Saul Alinsky, I have written extensively about him on this blog…there’s a whole category devoted to this man.

Update:  Found this on the page and thought quoting it might be enlightening…

Alinski practiced what he preached. He said, “Tactics means doing what you can with what you have … tactics is the art of how to take and how to give.”

He uses eyes, ears and nose for examples…

“If you have a vast organization, parade it before the enemy, openly show your power.”

Editor’s Translation: Intimidation is good. The enemy is the average American taxpayer.

“If your organization is small, do what Gideon did: conceal the members in the dark but raise a clamor that will make the listener believe that your organization numbers many more that it does.”

Editor: This one reminds me of ACORN. ACORN has previously been “concealed in the dark”.  I take it Saul Alinsky is not into “transparency”, but rather into concealment. And the Gideon he speaks of is the Gideon of the Bible who was called out by God to take on the enemies of the nation.  It’s too bad Saul didn’t believe the rest of the Bible and use it too. Since the mortgage and banking crisis has happened, we now see and hear the “clamor” of ACORN and its tactics have been openly revealed.

“If your organization is too tiny even for noise, stink up the place.”

Editor: Yes, I think ACORN and its corrupt elements have indeed been “stinking up the place”. Of course, that’s all with the gracious help of our illustrious and resourceful Federal government and elected representatives.


7 thoughts on “NEA Endorses Rules For Radicals

  1. Great post! I was going to write about this too this morning, and got interrupted. So glad you did. I’m still going to finish mine, and now I’ll link to yours too.

    I can’t believe that there isn’t something we can do about this.

  2. Hi Pup and Conserv Girl, thanks both of you for leaving a comment…let’s just wait and see how fast the NEA scrubs this page. I’ve already downloaded a copy of it and am thinking of taking a snapshot of it too…just in case….
    The anti-Semite article on the Obama site had been up since December 2008, but when attention got called to it, they scrubbed it..(but I have a picture of it….nyah, ha, ha, evil laugh)! And thanks for the link Pup. I also tweeted about my post…you should too.

  3. I just found this site when I was looking into the NEA Rules for Radicals and looking for edification as to its true intent. I am a member of a group of parents who are having issues with our local school board. We have tried, unsuccesfully, to work with the school board regarding a matter at our local high school and problems with a recent drama production and lack of parental notification of inappropriate subject matter contained in the mandatory schoolwide assembly at which this production was performed. The board members, when questioned about their opinion of the performance’s video made available to them, have failed to answer direct questions, redirecting and distracting the writers with false praise for their concerns, etc.. It has become very frustrating and infuriating. Happily, the mother who began the questioning refuses to go away and we are trying very hard to bring media attention to the matter in light of all the stalling tactics being used. It is interesting to read here about this book’s endorsement by the NEA which was brought to my attention by the mother who is leading the cause. It is in effect everywhere, even in small town high schools…how are we ever going to return to a nation of Godly tolerance? The nation intended by our founding fathers? They, the school’s administration, have even removed “one nation under God” from the pledge (of which I just learned!)!!!!! If anyone has ever battled these Rules for Radicals tactics successfully, I would be most interested to learn of the means by which they acheived that success.

  4. Hello Frightened Mother, and thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. My first answer to you is, if you are a pray-er, then pray. The next thing to do is run for school board. The only way to get the lefties out of power is to run a campaign against them. If we want conservative values in our school system, conservatives have to run for office and make a stand. The Rules for Radicals that the left uses can be turned and used against them, but use the TRUTH and keep on saying it. People will listen and hear. Good luck!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to update you on the matter: After spending many hours in research and meetings with the school board, six months worth to be exact, an article ran in our local paper last week: “Drama Therapy to run no more!” It was a long, exhausting, exhilarating, often disheartening, process but WE WON! Prayer and good old “stick to it – iveness” are the answer. WE, as citizens of the USA, must never, ever, ever give in. FIGHT for what YOU KNOW IS RIGHT!

    • Hi Kimi, and congrats on your victory! I am preparing to approach our city mayor to see if he has been approached about the U.N. Agenda 21 being implemented in our community. I’m putting a post up about it now.
      Katherine Sands

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