Recent Events And Chariot Wheels

Since Barack Obama  was inaugurated I have been closely watching his every move to see what kind of president he would prove to be.  He has proven to be  one who doesn’t like the Constitution and the freedoms it grants, EVEN THOUGH he put his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s bible and, not once, but twice, SWORE to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to uphold, defend and protect it.  He has also proven to be a liar and I say that freely, because upholding, defending and protecting is not what he is doing. He is shredding it and trampling on the blood of those who have given and are giving their lives to uphold and defend it.

As I watched, I have said that he is behaving as if there are no more elections, as if he’s not worried about re-election. I found that quite amazing and interesting. After learning of the aid and corruption of unions such as SEIU, led by Andy Stern, and ACORN, with its voter fraud allegations and, with whistleblowers coming out and confirming these things, I began to see how it is that one party could quite conceivably steal an election.  The Minnesota Senate race was another good example of this.  The more they counted the votes, the more the results changed.  (I am an election judge…how in the world did they possibly think that ballots found in someone’s trunk away from the other ballots could even be legal?)

But last Tuesday’s elections show me that the people who want to steal elections don’t have everything quite sewn up, in other words….it looks like the wheels on their chariots are coming off.  I’ll explain…

In the book of Exodus in the Christian bible, the Pharaoh of Egypt has decided to oppress the people of God to keep them in bondage to him and his system.  He wants to own them, provide their healthcare, tax them as he pleases and decide their every move. (Is this sounding familiar to anyone yet?)  After taking some extremely devastating hits from nature, ending with the death of the firstborn son of every Egyptian, Pharaoh finally relents and says that the people of God can GO FREE.  But after they are gone, he changes his mind and sets his army off after them.  And as they are going…

“He (God) made the wheels of their chariots come off so that they had difficulty driving. And the Egyptians said, “Let’s get away from the Israelites! The LORD is fighting for them against Egypt.”- Exodus 14.25 New International Version

Man cannot outsmart God…If you purport evil against the people of this country, you will have a reckoning with God.

Keep praying…I think their chariot wheels ARE starting to come off.

2 thoughts on “Recent Events And Chariot Wheels

  1. Excellent post! I love the way you ended with the “chariot wheels.” I agree, I think they are definitely loosening, and will come off one of these days.

    I pray for that. I never pray for bad things to happen to people, but I do pray for bad people’s plans to be thwarted.

    Excellent as usual, Kathy.

  2. Yes, Pup, that is the right way to pray. I pray for our government officials to find salvation and repentance, but if they won’t, take them out of office and let a righteous man take their place. God knows exactly how to deal with each and every heart. I have seen this prayer answered before.
    We don’t have to pray for bad things to happen…they happen automatically if you are doing evil! That’s just the way it works. Sorry, for those who don’t believe that.

    For several days after last Tuesday’s elections, I kept thinking of the Egyptian’s chariot wheels and had to write this post. Thanks for your comments, Pup.

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