Can Communism Deliver On Its Promises?

The new year is here…time to get blogging again.  I have been sick all through the holidays and am just now starting to feel human again. I was reading last night and felt the following is something to be pointed out.

Jeffrey Folks over at American Thinker paints a bleak picture of everyday life under communism in his article called Christmas Under Communism.  He lived under it.  I highly encourage you to read and ponder the whole column. I believe our government is showing us many signs that this is the  path they want to set us  on. Oh, maybe not on purpose (really?)…but the actions and attitude of Barack Obama’s administration are pointing this way.  The following paragraph is only a brief excerpt. This is what a life of rationing basic necessities would look like. And don’t forget that communism has murdered millions of people. This is what the nanny state does to its citizens.

“Christmas was also accompanied by the unrelieved cold. The Communist state had guaranteed heating and electricity for all, just as it had guaranteed universal free medical care, but blackouts were frequent and long, and water shortages predictable: two days off, one day on. Every night, the heat was turned off at nine o’clock. I slept in a cold room under a mountain of blankets, sometimes lying awake as my breath rose like smoke in the moonlight. Then I got very sick, but I refused to be taken to the hospital for fear of being made sicker.”

Go here to read the whole column.


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