Primary Elections

Illinois primary elections are coming up fast.  I just got my letter to sit as a judge in our township precinct on February 2.  It’s time to start educating yourself about the candidates.  I have posted a couple of sites on my sidebar under Illinois Politics.  Hopefully, we can stay in the know on who to support.  My feeling is that my local party people are going to support candidates who are more of the same.  That is not what I want….more of the same will not help us out of the mess our state and country are currently in.  I also received word from the county clerk that Illinois apparently has passed a new law about the ballots.  They will all be kicked out if even one race is not voted in.  This has the essential effect of FORCING everyone to vote  in each race, even if they do not wish to.  Apparently  county clerks made a hue and a cry about it, but to no avail.  Ballots may be rejected by the machines right and left and election judges will have to deal with it somehow.  Personally I do not tend to vote in races where I do not know the candidates, so my ballot would be rejected.  I will be checking in with my county clerk to see what we need to be doing with the rejected ballots.  Government sure knows how to make thing more complicated, eh?  And there’s more that the Feds are up to, I hear too.

2 thoughts on “Primary Elections

  1. Government knows how to make things more complicated, for sure, and worse. This doesn’t even seem legal. I often leave some things blank, if I didn’t read up on it ahead of time. Just doesn’t seem constitutional; it’s like your vote only counts if you vote for other things that you may know nothing about. This is just wrong. I’ll have to check and see if that’s the way it is here.

  2. Hi Pup, It’s a new law that just took effect here Jan. 1. Luckily, primaries are slow, but it will still be a pain to have to go through it all with the voters. How many people vote in every race? We’re about to find out, I guess. We, the judges, will have to do manual overrides if they don’t want to vote in those races.

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