Grass Roots? Really?

As most of you know, there’s a very heated Senate race going on in Massachusetts for the seat that Ted Kennedy’s used to hold.  Martha Coakley (D) is getting a very heated challenge from Scott Brown (R).  Coakley has been making some rather weird gaffs which I won’t go into here.  Scott Brown made an affirmative statement in the debate about the senate seat belonging to the people, which is getting a lot of play.  Unions are sending their members up there to picket and protest, I guess.  They are out with signs supporting Coakley.  I found this at Michelle Malkin’s blog and wanted to use it here.  The link takes you to the entire post. This is an email sent from someone to someone else and then forwarded to Malkin.

“I received this this morning from my Team Sarah friend in Mass. This is the 2nd report of truckloads of signs showing up at debates by Unions…the first one the signs showed up and only 1/2 dozen union guys did. Brown’s peeps were crowded and wrapped around the block!

“I was one of the many Brigadiers at the pre-debate rally at UMass and when I got there, I was pretty overwhelmed at the trailer truck of Martha signs and hundreds of union members holding them. While speaking with one of the union guys holding the Coakley sign, he admitted that his union was paying him $50 to stand and hold the sign. I was blown away, I always thought that these guys were out in the cold like us, doing what we thought was the right thing to do, not that they were actually being paid a fee to do it.

The best part was when he admitted that although he was there because he needed the money, he was voting for Scott!!”

I wonder how many others out there holding those signs and collecting the $50 (because after all we are in a down economy), feel the same and are voting for Brown.  I guess it just goes to show…you might be able to pay a man to do a job, but that doesn’t mean you get his vote when the time comes.  Of course, in a down economy and a tight senate race that could break the Dems 60-vote hold on the Senate, I’m sure there are plenty of votes for sale.  But probably not for $50. And why aren’t those union workers at work?

5 thoughts on “Grass Roots? Really?

  1. I’ve never seen evidence of this but have always suspected it to be true as I am a member of a union and I have seen first hand how they operate.


  2. Hi Jay and thanks for coming by. I used to be in Teamsters o so many years ago…I had to since I worked for UPS. Of course all I did was pay my dues…nothing else like participate in elections, etc. Maybe things have really changed, eh?
    Of course, their involvement in this Massachusetts election may have everything to do with how the whole NATION is getting involved in the Brown race! It does seem as if the spotlight is definitely on this race for Senator Kennedy’s old seat. I say “Rah, rah”…maybe there won’t be any shenanigans with the spotlight on it, eh?
    BTW, I’m an election judge…sure would love to be up there and in on this one!

  3. I think the point is (from my perspective) even if Brown wins, that doesn’t mean that the fine people of MA just sit back and let him run the show! We need to be critical of Scott Brown just encase he flip flops on issues or doesn’t do what he is office to do everyone not just Republicans, Liberals or Democrats! Get involved and have your voice be heard no matter how many special interests groups are involved, stay firm to your beliefs and VOTE!

  4. Hi Smidgen, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. You are right…conservs can no longer sit back and trust someone in office…we may have to stay alert and active for decades now that the progressive war has been openly declared. The reason Leftist progressives are in such concentration of power now is probably because the electorate hasn’t been paying very much attention. That and media blackout of important stuff such as candidates’ qualifications, qualities, and associations has hurt the average electorate. It’s important to seek out other news sources.

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