Scott Brown Win In Massachusetts

Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts last night is  a victory for the American people. I don’t care what the progressive pundits  say.  Massachusetts has not elected a Republican to the Senate since 1972.  Mr. Brown did not equivocate in stating what he stood for and Massachusetts voted for it by a decisive margin.  I loved this statement last night in his speech..on terrorism and terrorists…”Our tax dollars should be spent on weapons to destroy them, not on lawyers to defend them.”  On health care reform he states “We can do better.”  On the Constitution, “The Constitution gives rights to Americans, not to terrorists.” Scott Brown has a sensible message and it seems the electorate recognized that.  Now it looks like a message has been sent to Washington and the White House.  Will they listen? Or will they do what Thelma and Louise did in the movie…by driving themselves off the cliff?  Yesterday the talk was that President Obama was vowing to fight harder. The proverbial handwriting is being written on the wall, first in the November elections and now in this one.  But can the president read these types of messages?  I’m sure plenty of moderate Dems are paying attention. Can this far left socialistic swing that we have been experiencing this last year be turned back?

We must never give up but keep praying and working!


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