Muslim Demographics

This is a must see video.  The implications for the future of the world is frightening.  America decided to abort millions of children and European taxes are so high, they quit having children.  There are consequences, and they are coming quickly.

3 thoughts on “Muslim Demographics

  1. Kathy, I haven’t seen this, so I can’t comment yet, but I’m going to watch it as soon as my internet perks back up. Right now it’s being super slow because of the storm I guess. Be back after I watch it, hopefully this weekend.

  2. Well this is simply chilling. Very very scary. And what in the world is there to do about it? Pray, is all I can think of. The unintended consequences of abortion, taxation, and ignorance on the part of the Europeans and us, and careful, calm planning and waiting on the part of the Islamists.

    Glad you posted this. Very scary.

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